Master Numbers

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In numerology, the numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered master numbers. And if a master number shows up in your numerology chart then you have some powerful attributes.

In this article, I’ll talk you through what master numbers are, how to calculate them, and what they mean for your life.

Why Are Master Numbers So Powerful?

Numerologists believe master numbers are so powerful because of their pairing. Experts believe this gives them added potential, making their vibrations supercharged.

Their energy contains power that no other number could possibly hope to. Yes, a single-digit number is powerful but paired, the digits of a master number are magnified. Their presence is unmatched, as are their strengths. They’re incredible, influential things, master numbers.

What Are the Master Numbers?

The master numbers make up the triangle of enlightenment. 

Master number 11, master number 22 and master number 33 reside at each point of the triangle. However, there’s some debate about whether there’s another master number lurking out there.

Is 44 a Master Number?

Some say 44 is the master healer, and that it is a master number. Other numerology experts would argue against this. It’s not in the Triangle of Enlightenment, so how can it be a master number if it’s an outsider?

Master number—or not—44 is one that’s up for debate. I haven’t included it in anything I’ve written about life path numbers, destiny numbers, personality numbers or any of the other pieces on core numbers on this website. 

But if you’d like to call 44 a master number, you have every right to do so. There are plenty of numerologists out there who believe in the power of number 44. It’s up to you to see the powers it holds and channel your faith into it.

Is 22 the Most Powerful Number?

Some numerologists believe master number 22 is the most powerful of the master numbers. Why is that, you ask? Well, many numerologists believe that it holds knowledge that’s ageless, and spiritual power that’s untold.

Master number 22 is also a master builder. It’s the number that can help you bring your impossible dreams into a material form.

Outside of number 22 itself, 22 holds every attribute from another number, 4. This is because if you add this master number’s digits together, you get 4.

Fours are dependable managers; they’re efficient, they’re dedicated, they’re everything along those lines. Whether it’s a personality number, expression number or something else, a 4 can achieve impossible things.

So looking at the power of master numbers, looking at the power of 4, you can see why many believe 22 to be the most powerful of the master numbers.

The strength of 22 only increases with age, too. If you have 22 in your numerology chart, your potential can only grow as you get older in this world. You’re more likely to smash through any goal if you have the right ambition and 22 in your chart.

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How to Utilize Master Number 22

With 22 in your chart, there are a few things you need to make it work to your advantage. The number can’t do all the work for you. You need:

  • Passion.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Vision.
  • Plans.
  • Leadership skills.

With those and the number 22 in tow, you’re headed for greatness. Just don’t let others do the work, don’t work without passion and always take action on your vision.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Master Numbers?

I often look at the clock at 3:33 am. Or I hear phone numbers with two or three consecutive threes in them. If you have this with number 11, 22 or 33, you might be wondering why.

This is no coincidence. You’re seeing this number because someone, a spirit guide perhaps, is trying to send you a message. You keep seeing this number as a reminder of this message, even if you’ve already figured it out. The world wants you to remember.

How Do I Find My Master Number?

To see if you have a master number in your chart you need to calculate your:

Life Path Number
Destiny Number
Personality Number
Attitude Number
Birthday Number

Sadly not everyone has a master number on their chart. But if you do, it will most likely be one of the core numbers above.

The Master Numbers

Here’s a brief overview of each master number, and it’s meaning.

Master Number 11

Master number 11s have powerful intuition. You can sense when someone is watching you and sometimes you know things will happen before they do. Have you ever thought about wanting to hear a song, then it comes on the radio moments later? You might be a master number 11.

You’re also likely to have déjà vu more frequently than other people. You get a sense that things have happened before, and you might be a little psychic.

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Master Number 22

You’re lucky if you’ve got this master number. It’s the master builder, letting you manifest your dreams into reality. You’re probably a dreamer with the confidence to make anything happen. 

You’re most likely a leader. You could play that at home with family or at work. You make incredible advances in both and make huge changes to reality.

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Master Number 33

Thirty-three is the master teacher. You want to teach people to improve their inner spirit, among other things.

People with this master number may become guides, teachers and counselors, You give people guidance, and if you’re a more powerful person, you may even go on to move mankind with your wisdom.

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