Hello, i'm Matt.

I use the ways of the mystics, magicians, and mavericks to help you rediscover your magic so you can cope, survive and thrive.

“Matt is amazing....!! Matt gave me the clarity to keep thriving."

Live the life you are meant to live

Rediscover who you are, reclaim your magic and awaken the mystical and sacred in your life. When you transcend your ego, your limitations and your perception of reality, you will begin to live a life on purpose that will surprise and delight you as you allow yourself to be guided by your soul desires. 

Magical experiences that shift your energy, change your perspective and expand your consciousness.

Intuitive Oracle Readings

Each time we use an oracle and ask it to reveal reality we participate in a magic moment that can change your perspective and transform your reality from the inside out.

Guided Rituals & Ceremonies

You don’t have to attend a church to perform magical rituals. You can use the power of your imagination and visualisation to connect with the unseen realms and weave magic through your life. 

Mystical Workshops

A synthesis of science, spirituality and the ancient mysteries; Fall backwards down the rabbit hole as you learn the ways of the mystics. 

"This was the first time ever I consult anyone about my life! I absolutely gained some high level of insights about myself which was beyond my expectations"
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