“What is this magic of which you speak?”

It’s not easy to stay calm and centred in that always-on, frazzled, fast-paced reality.

You feel like you’ve lost connection to your inner voice of wisdom, your spark, your intuition –  or whatever you want to call it. 

And after a while, it feels like you are lost, without a true purpose.

This is how I felt.

A splinter fractured in my mind and in my sense of self. Something in me was saying that there’s more to reality than meets the eye and that I was experiencing a very narrow bandwidth of possibility.

I began looking for answers, without knowing what questions to ask.

And something responded.

Reality started to shift and morph in magical ways.

Synchronicities and strange coincidences became a regular thing and I began to feel like something unseen was leaving messages and a trail of clues. It felt like the universe and reality itself, had consciousness that listened and responded, and I was somehow interacting with a symphony of divinity. And, for a while, all I could do was marvel at the majesty of it all.

But soon that was not enough.

I wanted to get closer and connect deeply with this magical unseen realm; I fell backwards down the rabbit hole. 

My imagination and curiosity leads me to study aspects of spirituality, mysticism and science from all manner of places and teachers.

I synthesise what I learn, practise and experience into my own quirky form of mysticism.

It keeps me calm and connected as I surrender to the unfolding of divine reality whilst I weave my magic and paint my reality with realised desire.

Soon I realised that I, too, am part of the symphony.

Just as others are synchronicities for me, I am a synchronicity for others.

It’s fun, light, playful and joyful.

“What part do you play in the orchestra and how do you learn to play it?”

I’m a huge fan of using oracles like the Tarot, Numerology and Astrology to find the answers to these curious questions.

And when it comes to looking for answers in the unseen, things like the tarot give us rich symbolic imagery for our intuition to play with.

It’s revered in mystical psychology schools as being a tool that will “teach you how to create a soul,” and touted as “an alchemical game” by Jung.

So, Tarot makes the perfect tool to use as a Magic 8 Ball, answering our questions about our purpose, our chances and our way forward.

As an aside, When the Tarot was re-released with pictures for every card in 1910, it’s speculated that occultists mapped the symbols to code in the matrix of reality.

Or vice versa –  no-one really knows.

From anecdotal evidence and personal experience, I find it’s uncannily accurate. So it’s best not to ask “what time does the train arrive?”, but “how can you get on it?”.

Once we’ve found our part to play, it becomes a matter of orienting ourselves to the unseen and inviting it into our lives so we can work in tandem as we all rise together. Pacha Mama.  

And my favourite way to do this is through sacred ceremony and ritual. This draws on my studies of natural earth magic, mysticism, the ritual of high church as well as the fringe new age hippy magic that exists today.

It’s all great fun.

And if you are especially interested in learning some fun mystical magic you can use, like how to project your consciousness and astral travel, I offer practical and interactive workshops.

Here you get to learn about, explore and experience a variety of mystical and magical tools, techniques and practices.

When I’m not busy tripping on transcendence you’ll probably find me with my head in an esoteric book, whilst enjoying a Columbian coffee.

Or, if I’m on holiday, I’ll have ventured into a lush green valley, steeped in ancient woodlands.

Here you’ll find me ecstatically drumming, connecting with the spirit of the land.

So lots to discover.

I hope you stick around and we can chat, all souls have colourful stories to tell and I would love to hear yours.

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Peace on your travels.