About Matt Beech

Born and raised in the UK, my world has always been a bit different from the norm.

Magic isn’t just a concept for me; it’s the core of my existence. I’ve delved into all kinds of esoteric, arcane and occult areas. Like; performance magic & illusion, shamanism, religion and spirituality, Jungian depth psychology, ritual magic, mediumship and divination practices like tarot, astrology, numerology.

But it’s not all ancient texts and mystical rites; I’m also a huge fan of magic tricks, spells, potions, and practical healing. It’s all part of the same universe for me, where the mystical meets the everyday.

My journey into the mystical wasn’t marked by some grand event. It started with simple curiosity. As a kid, I was the one marveling at the changing seasons, staying up late to star-gaze, and listening intently to the stories carried by the wind. (I was a huge fan of scary, spooky stories)

This curiosity didn’t wane; it only grew stronger, guiding me to explore the realms of performance magic and illusion.

I travelled further into the magical arts and felt called to learn about tarot, astrology, and numerology. These weren’t just hobbies; they became my way of understanding the world. Reading people and situations symbolically.

Tarot cards, for instance, became my go-to for insight and guidance, a way to tap into my intuition. Astrology offered a map of the cosmic dance, while numerology provided a unique perspective on the world through the lens of numbers. Each of these practices helped me see the connections in the world, the underlying patterns that connect and bind us all together as one.

But my love for magic doesn’t stop at the esoteric and arcane. I’m equally fascinated by the tangible side of magic — the spells, the potions, the kind of magic you can see and touch. Crafting spells and brewing potions is more than just an exercise in creativity for me; it’s about setting intentions and manifesting change, both for myself and for others.

For me the spiritual journey is about using your ego to leave your ego so you trip on transcendence. It’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, discovering that magic isn’t confined to ancient texts or sacred rituals. It’s all around us, in our daily lives, waiting to be acknowledged and harnessed.

I’m here to share this journey, not as an expert or guru, but as someone walking the same path as you. I don’t promise answers, but I believe we all have the potential for miracles within us.

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