Core Numerology Number Calculators

Start discovering your numerology profile by using these free numerology calculators. Each number brings a different energy to the way your personality is made up. By learning your numbers you will start to see how different experiences in your life have been driven by your numerological blueprint all along.

Life Path Number Calculator

Enter your date of birth to calculate your life path number.

Soul Urge Number Calculator

Enter your full name at birth to calculate your soul urge number.

Destiny Number Calculator

Enter your full name at birth to calculate your destiny number.

What do your Numerology Numbers Mean?

Each number reveals an important aspect of your personality and path through life.

With numerology you can discover your calling and purpose, past life lessons, and how you present yourself to others.

Your life purpose and lessons are explored using your life path number.

Your approach to showing up in life, and your way of doing life is explored using your destiny number.

Your heart’s deepest desire is explored in your soul urge number.

Your presentation to the outer world is explored in your attitude number.

And how others perceive you is explored in your personality number.

Your special gifts are explored in your birthday number.

And finally you may have karmic debt numbers appear in your chart, which are lessons carried over from one lifetime to the next.

The numbers used in western Pythagorean numerology are 1- 9 and 11, 22, 33. Double-digit numbers are considered master numbers. If master numbers show up in your chart they represent additional gifts, talents and abilities you have as well as extra lessons you have incarnated in this lifetime to achieve.

What is Numerology?

Numerology links numbers to energy, which manifests as traits, and states of being in everyday life. It’s similar to astrology in that it draws meaning from correlations between our personal numbers in our numerology chart, and the energy those numbers represent. 

A numerology reading uses your name and date of birth to calculate your core numbers. Each number represents the energy you bring through various aspects of your life. You can then use this information to become self-aware. Numerology can also be used in wider divinatory, occult and spiritual practices. Numerology is also used in the interpretation of angel numbers and seeing repeating number sequences. However, in this article, we’ll focus on personal readings. 

Numerology facilitates the process of inner exploration. This helps you come to know yourself. Even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything it says about you, its the consideration of yourself that is important. When you go inwards and explore your soul, motivations, actions and choices through the magic of numbers you achieve a particular kind of gnosis about who you are.

So, If you feel lost or unsure which path to pursue next, numerology can help you. For example, it can reveal the deepest yearning of your soul, help you understand your life path and calculate your karmic debt. (If you believe in past lives, even if you don’t, exploring your life through this concept may shift your perspective leading to new insights).

A Brief History of Numerology

Many numerology systems exist around the world today. But the most popular form of numerology in the West is the Pythagorean system. It is rooted in the ideas of the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. He believed that everything that exists, even God himself, could be expressed as a number. Shortly after his ideas were made known, In 325 AD, at the council of Nicea, Numerology was assigned to the list of unapproved beliefs along with other fortune-telling and divinatory arts. However, despite the Church’s attempts to steer people away from numerology, a case can be made that numerology features in the bible through the repeated use of the numbers 3 and 7. The holy trinity being the most obvious example. Another example of numerology in the bible would be the world being created in 7 days.

Since then, numerology has existed in some form within most cultures. In the west, In the 1960s, Pythagoras’ concepts were revived and developed further by Juno Jordan. She identified a series of key numerological influences in the birth date and birth name. Thanks to her methods, you can now calculate important aspects of your life and your purpose. These include your Life Path, Destiny, Soul Urge, Attitude, Personality and Karmic Debt numbers. If you are interested in learning your numbers check out the free numerology calculators above.

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