Find Your Life Path Number

Birthdays are special occasions. Who doesn’t enjoy being spoilt and eating cake, right? But your birth date goes beyond an excuse to throw a party—it has a greater significance.

Sure, we all know our star signs based on our date of birth.

But, there’s something even more relevant when looking for insight and information about work, love and everything in between:

Numerology and our Life Path number

What Is A Life Path Number? 

Your Life Path number is considered the most important thing you’ll find on your numerology chart. It’s based on your birth date and reveals information about possible experiences and life lessons you’ll encounter during your time here on earth. 

If you could buy a guidebook for your exact journey that offers tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, wouldn’t you leap at that opportunity? 

That’s kind of what a Life Path number is. It offers insight into your lifetime mission, your strengths and weaknesses, and challenges you may come across. 

There are 12 in numerology—the single-digit numbers, 1 to 9. As well as the numbers 11, 22 and 33. (These are called Master Numbers)

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How to Calculate Your Life Path Number 

Either use the calculator below to learn any life path number, or read on to learn how to calculate the number yourself.

Life Path Number Calculator

Enter your date of birth below and press calculate to instantly discover your life path number.

Life Path Number Calculation

#1 Write Down Your Full Birth Date 

If you’re mathematically challenged (as I am), you may want to break out the pen and paper for this bit of numerology. 

You’ll want to use a number for the month of your birth, too. For example, if you were born on Mar 22, 1988, you would write down the numbers:

  • 22, 3, and 1988. 

#2 Reduce Each Number to a Single Digit 

You’ll need to break down each number in your birth date that’s made up of more than one digit to a single number. 

Do this by adding the numbers together. For example:

  • Month day: 22 = 2 + 2 = 4. 
  • Year: 1988 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 26. 

As the year of birth total is still in double figures, it needs to be broken down further, like this:

  • 26 = 2 + 6 = 8. 

3# Add These Single Digits Together 

The last step is to add your three numbers (3, 4 and 8) together. 

  • 3 + 4 + 8 = 15. 

You’ll notice we’re in double figures again, so we now add those two together:

  • 1 + 5 = 6. 

There you have it. The Life Path number is a 6. It’s as simple as that! 

What Are Master Numbers? 

There are three Master Numbers in numerology—11, 22, 33. Not all double-digit numbers are Master Numbers! One, two and three create what is known as a Triangle of Enlightenment. 

Other double-digit numbers are significant, but they’re known in the numerology world as Power Numbers. 

If you’re breaking down your date of birth and you land up with one of these numbers (before reducing it to the final single digit), then you’re one of the lucky people with a Master Number. 

Your Life Path Number 

Each number has specific traits that are unique to it. I’ll summarize them so you can get an idea! 

Life Path #1 – The Leader 

If this is your number, you’re most likely: 

  • A born leader. 
  • Determined and driven. 
  • Original and authoritative. 
  • Independent. 

Despite these strengths, try not to be:

  • Conceited. 
  • Condescending. 

Number 1s tend to be confident, outgoing, and assertive. They can be career-focused and are extremely driven, thriving on competition. Success often follows in whatever they do! 

Those with a 1 Life Path in their numerology are fiercely protective over those they love, even if they don’t always display it openly. 

If you’re a number 1, the world is at your fingertips. Just be careful not to become aggressive or impatient with others when they aren’t on the same page as you.

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Life Path #2 – The Peacemaker 

Those with a 2 Life Path number are: 

  • Empathetic. 
  • Patient. 
  • Introverted. 
  • Great listeners. 

Be wary of: 

  • Becoming overly emotional. 
  • Interfering in others’ situations. 

They prefer harmony and will do what they can to bring balance to any situation. Another quality they possess is that of a mediator, often finding themselves listening and offering advice. 

It’s easy for them to understand how others are feeling. This can be an advantage in both business and love, but needs to be carefully balanced with standing up for oneself when necessary. 

Numerology suggests that 2s are loyal, intuitive and caring. As long as they have a good handle on their emotions, they can make a huge difference in the world around them! 

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Life Path #3 – The Creative 

If you have a 3 Life Path number, your qualities include: 

  • An abundance of creative ideas. 
  • Independence. 
  • Being playful and not too serious. 
  • A high level of sociability. 

Be careful not to: 

  • Dive into too many things at once. 
  • Divulge others’ secrets. 

Passion and creativity symbolize those with this Life Path. It spills into everything they do and they’re likely to find themselves doing a job that requires a combination of these traits and communication. 

They tend to be chatterboxes. Although this can be an advantage in situations requiring good communication, it can also hide self-doubt and low confidence. 

Providing they keep focused and express themselves appropriately, number 3s are destined for art, love and romance! 

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Life Path #4 – The Foundation Builder 

Those with a 4 Life Path number are often: 

  • Down-to-earth and practical. 
  • Hard-working. 
  • Highly organized. 
  • Knowledgeable. 

Try not to become: 

  • Overly cautious. 
  • Too hard on others who are not like them. 

Numerology indicates, practical and grounded people fall into this group. Due to this combination, plus being disciplined and supremely organized, they have a good head for business. 

They’re loyal partners and value the comfort and stability of a happy home. The number 4 takes a practical approach to romance and is quietly supportive and loving in a relationship. 

However, they need to remember to let their hair down now and then, but they’re great at building steady, stable foundations for a happy life-time! 

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Life Path #5 – The Adventurer 

People with a 5 Life Path number are most likely: 

  • Outgoing and excited by life. 
  • Quick learners. 
  • Hyperactive and playful. 
  • Always looking for something new. 

Watch out for: 

  • Doing many half-jobs and never finishing anything. 
  • Becoming self-absorbed. 

Passionate 5s are all about freedom and chasing a high. They love travel, new experiences and meeting new people. 

The risk takers fit into this number. They’re daring and adventurous, and live life on their terms! 

While wary of committing to love, if they find someone who will run wild with them, they’ll be loyal and caring. 

Finding a balance between living for themselves and loving others, they’ll find a magical existence with everything they could hope for! 

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Life Path #6 – The Nurturer 

If you have a 6 Life Path number, you may exhibit qualities such as being: 

  • Family-oriented. 
  • A good listener. 
  • Artistic and creative. 
  • Responsible. 


  • Being critical of others. 
  • Becoming overly controlling. 

Protective, loving nurturers, the number 6 signifies those with strong family bonds and who feel a responsibility for the ones they love. 

They’re often incredibly creative and find beauty in hidden places. Although faithful and supportive in any sort of relationship, they need to remember to look after themselves too! 

By making sure not to control others and looking after themselves, they can live their lives filled with service, creativity, and great joy! 

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Life Path #7 – The Seeker 

If you’ve calculated your number to be a 7, you may embody some of the following characteristics: 

  • Intelligent and analytical. 
  • In touch with nature. 
  • Truth-seeking. 
  • A bit of a loner. 

Be careful not to: 

  • Become a hermit. 
  • Be condescending. 

This is an extremely spiritual number, and those with a 7 in their numerology are big on searching for the truth. These people can often be loners who pay no attention to what others think of them and can come across as a bit eccentric. 

Highly intelligent and analytical, number 7s are constantly learning new things. They have a quick wit and can be charming, but need to be mindful that arrogance doesn’t take hold. 

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Life Path #8 – The Boss

Those with an 8 Life Path number are usually: 

  • Well-respected. 
  • Good at making money. 
  • Great at dealing with conflict. 
  • Action-oriented. 

Step away from: 

  • Being too proud to take advice. 
  • Acting overly controlling. 

The number 8 has a reputation for being all about power, which is not entirely accurate. They’re super when it comes to management, which makes them natural and respected leaders. 

Their will, skill and wisdom often leads to wild success in their careers. While strict control has its place in business, those with this Life Path should be careful not to be too domineering in their relationships. 

Finding a balance between power and freedom is what every 8 needs to live their dreams. 

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Life Path #9 – The Humanitarian 

If you’ve discovered you have a 9 Life Path number, your attributes may include: 

  • Being community-oriented. 
  • A focus on service. 
  • Compassion. 
  • Being highly charismatic. 

Take care not to: 

  • Let others take advantage. 
  • Fall into depression. 

In numerology, 9 is the culmination of all those preceding it and contains all the wisdom of the other Life Path numbers combined. 

They are, therefore, focused on the bigger picture and will help however and wherever they can. 

As long as they’re careful not to let others take advantage of their good nature, number 9s can, quite literally, change the world! 

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Life Path #11 – The Intuitive

In numerology, 11 is an incredibly powerful number. People with these Master Numbers tend to be highly intuitive and may exhibit psychic gifts. 

As 1 + 1 = 2, they show characteristics of this Life Path number, but with an extra emphasis on spirituality, intuition, and a deep understanding of metaphysical matters. 

They may seem to have their head in the clouds at times, but the 11s actually have one foot in reality and the other in another realm. Their intuition makes it easy for them to see beyond the veil. 

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Life Path #22 – The Master Teacher

Those with a Master Number of 22 are also seen as Life Path number 4 with a supercharged talent for teaching others. Sharing knowledge in a way that others can understand is an invaluable skill. 

In numerology, 22s are often known as the Master Architects, for their abilities to build realities from their dreams, and encourage others to do the same.

When they have a project to channel their energy into, 22s can achieve almost anything. Boredom is their worst enemy and can leave them feeling useless and aimless. 

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Life Path #33 – The Master Guide

Numerology suggests that 33 is a high-vibration number because it’s 11 + 22, embodying the unique qualities of each Master Number. 

It resonates with purity. Those who have a 33 Master Number value honesty, integrity, and do all they can to bring those energies to the world around them. 

The responsibility of a 33 is to guide others to learn and practice principles of purity and integrity in this lifetime. 

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