Discover your Attitude Number

The attitude number, also known as the sun and achievement number, is a vital component of numerology. It describes the way you present yourself to the rest of the world, especially during first encounters. These numbers run from one to nine and have wildly different traits.

Though you may not always be aware of it, your attitude number describes how you act around others. If you’re unhappy with how others perceive you from the get-go, there are ways to change it. I’ll show you how to find out your number and discuss the various qualities associated with each value.

How to Calculate Attitude Numbers

You can calculate your sun number or attitude number by adding the values of your birth date and birth month. Your birth year isn’t included in the equation.

For example, if you are born on the 1st of September, your value can be calculated in the following way:

Date of birth: 01

Birth month: 09

Birth day + birth month = 01 + 09 

The answer, 10, is again broken down into 1 + 0 = 1

So your attitude number would be 1.

Now let’s take a closer look at the attitude numbers.

Attitude Number Meanings

Each value has its own set of unique characteristics, and it describes how a person usually acts even if it isn’t necessarily how they feel. Here is a detailed analysis of the various attitude numbers. Let’s see how closely they describe your traits.

Attitude Number 1: Assertive

Those who are born with the sun number 1 give the impression of someone who’s carefree and independent. You’re not someone who relies on other people for support or guidance.

You are considered to be fairly driven in your respective field and tend to approach any task in life with a certain level of aggression. You can also be easily misconstrued as being stand-offish, but this is not always the case, as you’re often simply focused on your work. 

You tend to enjoy taking care of business on your own terms. You’re well suited in a role of leadership. Number 1 people are often the influencers of the world, and they tend to have a remarkable impact on the lives of those around them.

If you’re in this category, you are probably driven by an attitude that wants to overcome any situation and come out on top as a clear winner. You enjoy proving your point and whatever the cost, and find that you draw praise from others without having to try especially hard.

Some individuals belonging to this attitude number, however, may lack confidence. You need constant praise in order to fully kick-start your true characteristics.

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Attitude Number 2: Enduring

Individuals belonging to the second attitude number have a benevolent aura. You are quite sensitive at your core and are most often seen as the nice guy in the room. You can also be quite agreeable and are not difficult to persuade or dissuade from a given situation.

Those with number 2 are also naturally instinctive, and you are often drawn to the metaphysical or supernatural side of life. Your sensitivity opens you up to experiences that are beyond most people, and you get to see a vastly different dimension of existence. You are mystical and can be easily drawn into this world.

Your sensitivity also translates into your own inner world. You’re perceptive of situations developing around you, and you can be open to unusual experiences without qualms. 

Some twos also claim to have magical abilities and can also possess clairvoyance abilities. 

Surprisingly though, you also use your keen eye in order to acutely analyze a given situation. This offers you deeper insights than your peers.

It isn’t unusual for you to experience deja vu and even manifest your destiny fairly competently.

Instinctual and mystical, it is easy to pick out attitude number 2 people during life’s bizarre ordeals as they quickly emerge on top of such situations.

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Attitude Number 3: Versatile

Most of the social butterflies in the world tend to belong to the number 3, but this isn’t your only major trait. You have a magnetic personality, and people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

As a 3, you have a dynamic personality that allows you to accomplish multiple feats during the course of your lifetime. Being intelligent and savvy is also one of your strongest suits, and when you put these qualities together, you often have a dynamic force at hand.

If you’re looking at the life of the party, you’re probably looking at a person with the third attitude number in their hearts. As a 3, you may suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, where you never want to grow up. There are pros and cons to this, depending on how you look at it.

You tend to possess a very powerful quality, which is that you can have a profoundly positive or negative effect on the people around you. This is entirely down to your mood.

On happier days, you spread sunshine and butterflies. But beware of a number 3 in a bad mood, as even this is highly contagious.

The lows, however, tend to be quite short-lived, as people with this attitude are able to quickly bounce back from the adversities in their life. You’re a great “showman” for your peers when you want to be, in that you can fake your mental state in order to please those around you.

Those with number 3 are great conversationalists, and you can learn a lot from them over a cup of coffee.

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Attitude Number 4: Sensitive

Although the second attitude number is also associated with sensitivity, those with number 4 people are a different breed of sensitive altogether. You are the most dedicated and most dependable among us—the bedrock of society itself.

You are as reliable as clockwork. It’s unlikely you’ll take any illegal decisions in your life, and you can be the most faithful companion. Your grounded nature in life prevents you from being the biggest risk-taker around, but this is often misconstrued as being a boring person.

Make no mistake about it; you enjoy your good times just as much as the others around you. It’s just that you don’t need much to make yourself happy, and you can draw pleasure from the simple things in life. 

You may worry a lot about those you love, but this can also be misunderstood as being controlling or overbearing. If you recognize a number 4 in your life, make sure you cut them a break and appreciate them for being a solid part of your life.

Peaceful and somber, people can’t really read your mind. You take your time analyzing situations from all angles, and you often end up with the correct response in the end.

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Attitude Number 5: Creative

Bright, bold and full of ideas, attitude number 5 belongs to the salient artist. You are the brave souls who enjoy taking risks and aren’t afraid of change in your life. 

Much like the number 3, you also love being at the heart of the conversation. You’re often remembered as the most fun person at the party, and you love to flirt.

You’re constantly seeking new experiences and adventure. This is thanks to your brave and ever-vigilant attitude. You thoroughly enjoy being out on the road and making those epic journeys.

This highly open-minded attitude, however, also means you can excessively indulge in sex, drugs and alcohol. You’re a typical rock star!

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Attitude Number 6: Harmonious

In the eyes of the number 6, nothing is more important than creating close social bonds. You have come to this conclusion after carefully analyzing the meaning of life. You’ve realized that nothing matters more than friends, family and lovers. 

You love to take care of people. You also tend to extend this level of appreciation for interpersonal relations with your coworkers, making you an excellent colleague. 

With your deeply analytical mind, you can always be counted on to get to the root of the problem. You always strive for perfection when it comes to any task given to you. 

You are also the healers of the world, and you can use your understanding and love for people to help better their lives. You have strong attractive properties as well, and you tend to pull the best individuals towards you.

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Attitude Number 7: Intuitive

The number 7 people of the world are scientifically-minded individuals who love education or knowledge. You are the scholars of the world and you strive to increase our collective understanding of anything and everything. 

Although you can be seen as an introvert, you love the mystery of life and are often focused on things that other people deem unworthy. This gives you a great edge in life and allows you to find breakthroughs that others miss with their intelligence and astuteness. 

People with number 7 as their sun number are one of the most difficult to read in general. You don’t really make the effort to change this impression unless you’re given a good reason to. 

You’re too busy focusing all your attention on the big questions of life.

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Attitude Number 8: Secretive

Natural born leaders, number 8 people have a stone-cold personality that’s built to be extremely dedicated to their cause. You have the will and skill to execute and complete any task they set their mind to, and you take on the leadership role when it is most required.

Eights are the greatest politicians, businessmen, and entrepreneurs of the world. You are agents of change and you use your leadership skills to transform society in the image you see fit.

Finances are another strong suit of this number, and you tend to rule the monetary world because you want to give your closest ones the very best in life. You are bright and open with your opinions, nobody will ever need to ask you to speak your mind.

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Attitude Number 9: Prudent

Prudency is a trait that is reserved for the nines of the world. You are a gentle giant and the most socially aware of all the numbers. All the saints and martyrs of the world belong to the number 9, and you can give up everything for the right cause.

At your core, you are purely concerned about the bigger picture and the well-being of the greater world. As a humanitarian, you can use your social skills in order to truly make a difference in the most noble manner possible. You are the binding forces that bring us closer to one another with your actions.

A number 9 is also a beast of burden, and you can take any punishment necessary in order to serve the cause you deem worthy.

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