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What Is the Destiny Number?

In Numerology, Your destiny number is there to help you reach your goals, great and small. Destiny numbers differ from life path numbers. Your life path number alludes to your greater overall purpose. Your destiny number is more focused on your traits, character and destiny. But your life path number and destiny number may go hand in hand. The way I see it is your life path number tells you what you came to do, your destiny number describes how you go about doing it.

Note: Destiny number may also be referred to as expression number.

Numerology using your name gets very interesting. Your destiny number is the sum of your full name turned into numbers. Unlike your life path number, which focuses on your birth date. No matter what your name is right now, the expression number will always be calculated based on the first full name that graced your birth certificate.

This simple calculation nailing down your single-digit expression number can help you nail down your key traits and where you excel in life. Not just one phase of life, there are no limits in that sense that your expression number impacts.

You get to choose the path you take, but it may not always be the right one. Not even if you think it will help you towards the greater purpose your life path number dictated.

Your single digit or Master Number expression number/destiny number helps determine what path is the right one that’ll make you happy and content.

How to Calculate Your Destiny Number

You can use the calculator below to find out your destiny number or you can do the calculation manually yourself by following the instructions.

If you’d rather take the more personal approach and figure it out yourself, here’s how.

Write down your full birth name. Each letter in your name corresponds to a number:

  • 1 — A, J, S.
  • 2  — B, T, K.
  • 3 — L, C, U.
  • 4 — M, D, V.
  • 5 — N, E, W.
  • 6 — O, F, X.
  • 7 — P, G, Y.
  • 8 — Q, H, Z.
  • 9 — R, I.

Let’s pretend you’re TAYLOR JAY JOHNSON.

T + A + Y + L + O + R

2 + 1 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 9 = 28

J + A + Y

1 + 1 + 7 = 9

J + O + H + N + S + O + N

1 + 6 + 8 + 5 + 1 + 6 + 5 = 32

Add each name together. In this case, we get 28, 9 and 32. For those two-digit numbers, add the two digits together. For 32 you get number 5. For 28 you get number 10, which becomes number 1 when you add the two digits again.

Next, add these single numbers: 1 + 9 + 5 = 15.

Add 1 + 5 and we get 6. Taylor Jay Johnson’s destiny number is 6.

What Are Master Numbers?

Your expression number/destiny number is usually a single digit, as was just demonstrated. But that’s not always true. There are a few master numbers that act differently. These are number 11, number 22 and number 33. If you get one of these as your final result, that’s your destiny number — not the sum of the two digits.

Your Destiny Number Meaning

What does your destiny number mean for you? Each number comes with a set of traits the person has and the roles the person fits in.

Read on and you’ll find out the meaning of your destiny number. It may be the thing that helps you get on the right life path.

Destiny Number 1

If your destiny number is 1, you were born to lead. You’re number one to match the destiny digit.

Ones have willpower, determination and strength. Everything needed to reach goals and gain success.

You’re well-suited to leadership positions. People telling you what to do isn’t your thing. You won’t tolerate it. You adore being the center of attention and having others praise you. They look up to you as a leader, and with the creative ways you’ve reached your goals, you don’t disappoint.

You don’t need to be overbearing or aggressive to hold this position. It’s your nature. Your experiences will have molded you to be the best for any top-job.

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Destiny Number 2

Twos are naturally level-headed, calm and a born diplomat. You’re intrinsically persuasive and you use your powers for good. You’re the voice of calm in any hard situation and with difficult people.

Sadly, you may not always want the role of keeping the peace. However, you REMAIN the go-to person. Your skills in this area are renowned and respected.

You may take on the peace-keeping role because you’re naturally caring and loving. Unfortunately, those wonderful traits aren’t always good ones. You might tend to be a little too over-protective over loved ones, which makes them feel stuck. But it’s just your nature and you mean no harm.

You may seem patronizing because of this, which is an unfortunate truth of being the mediator. This and your tendency to be fearful, over-protective and cunning are areas you can work on. You’re probably a good listener and cooperative, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Overall you’re a caring person, sensitive, and you appreciate beauty and art. You’re calm and collected but may have a manipulative streak in your diplomatic tendencies that you’ll need to work on.

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Destiny Number 3

As a number 3, you’re totally optimistic. You’re a joy to be around with your bright, cheerful enthusiasm. You’re an incredible companion to any platonic or romantic partner, which is good because you’ll need support in your life. Your need to succeed may let you down at times, so you’ll need that comfort.

However, you won’t disclose this need to anyone. Any time you’re disappointed, you hide behind being humorous and witty. Nobody can see your pain. All they see is a successful person who often excels in business, due to your need for success.

An issue that comes with your non-disclosure of disappointment is that you crave love. Yet, you find it difficult to show sadness or vulnerability. Plus, you need your independence.

But as a creative person, surely you’ll find a way you can open up to those you love. You excel at jobs in performance, so perhaps that’s where you’ll be able to share yourself more freely. It seems impractical, but being impractical is one of your negative traits. So it lines up well.

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Destiny Number 4

Those with destiny number 4 tend to be rigid, and happy to be set in their ways. You prefer the company of yourself and pets.

You also value efficiency, honesty and reliability. You make lists, you’re on top of things, and you can improve any system laid out before you. Any employer would be lucky to have you, and you’d excel in a managerial role.

You prefer to get things done over sitting around, gossiping and spending time foolishly. Perhaps that’s why people see you as rigid or dull. But your practical nature should be helpful in a work and personal life setting, and you’re loyal to those you care about. So every dark cloud within yourself has that for a silver lining.

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Destiny Number 5

Communication is key for a number 5. Good thing you’re great at it. And communicating with people, old and new, in different ways should help you have variety which you desperately crave. 

Your communication skills also come in handy when making new friends. You might need to do this a lot, as you outgrow most people. This may be caused by your restlessness, which drives you towards new experiences, travel and exploring new places and cultures.

You thrive on this newness, this change, because you have a low attention span and get bored easily. But your need for the new makes you enthusiastic, progressive and adventurous.

Be careful, though. You may use new ventures as escapism and tend to be critical.

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Destiny Number 6

As a number 6, you’re a blessing to the weak and ailing. Your mission is to help them, because you’re a nurturer. 

Helping them doesn’t take away from helping yourself. You’re a perfectionist and you want the best in life. Your expectations are high with others and yourself. Other people might find this hard to deal with. 

But you meet these high expectations as you tend to do well in your own ventures. You channel the nurturing into work, and you’re responsible and loyal. You’d be a great boss thanks to your empathetic, considerate side. But you’re also fearful and insecure, so you need to trust your employees. Be careful they don’t fall prey to one of your angry outbursts.

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Destiny Number 7

People with destiny number 7 are logical, expressive, original and wise. This makes you a natural educator, but be careful. You tend to be arrogant and intolerant, so try not to let it show as you share your wisdom.

As well as educating, you love to study. You thrive on facts. However, this may clash with your mysterious side enjoying occult and similar things that others don’t always see as fact. You’re also suspicious in nature, which doesn’t help.

But despite this contradiction, you do well in life. You’d make an incredible partner and a helper of humanity. You make a positive impact everywhere you go.

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Destiny Number 8

As a number 8, your leadership ability and hard-working nature grant you success in business. You’re responsible and need to be in charge. You need people to recognize your talents, and you tend to be competitive about it.

But you put in the work to gain what you want, and you’re ahead of others. You’re organized and successful, but you’re also distrustful and intolerant, so perhaps work on that.

You also have trouble balancing ambition in work and responsibility in family. But you’re determined, so surely you’ll find a way to balance everything.

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Destiny Number 9

Destiny number 9 people are philanthropists. You’re charitable, beautiful and a great appreciator of art.

Everything you do is about beautifying the world, and you have the power to show others the beauty inside them too.

Although, you’re impatient. You want what you want now, and you want a lot. You’re arrogant; you refuse to wait for those you see as dull. People need to be worthy of your time.

Your destiny is to improve as a person. You need to learn to forgive, to tolerate those you view as lesser, and to become as beautiful as the world you wish to create.

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Destiny Number 11

Elevens know how to put on a show. You’re a performer, on TV, in movies or in print. Being in the public eye fulfils you. You adore being on camera or having your work read by the masses.

You’re incredible at communication, including in writing. This comes in handy as you have the knowledge and skills to share.

You can spread it among powerful, influential people who you easily make friends with. They help you progress in your successful life. You never seem to fail and you’re a leader.

Those who follow you respect you, as you refuse to waiver from your beliefs. But you can be selfish, so be mindful.

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Destiny Number 22

If you’re a number 22, you’re a charismatic, magnetic person. Your charm makes you the center of attention. You’re smart, so you use the positive attention to further yourself.

You’re practical and idealistic. So you’re interesting, have potential and if you set your mind on something, you’ll achieve it.

You’re talented and know how to reach goals fast, but you may take things for granted. You also need to keep your lust for power in check.

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Destiny Number 33

As a number 33 you’re generous, maternal and caring. You’re also intuitive and perceptive. You’d do well in a carer role. But you need a creative outlet, too, for your own well-being.

You need a purpose to thrive. If you work for a paycheck over enjoyment, you’ll suffer. But you need to be careful with your purpose as you’re very controlling, and take all the pressure of life. Perhaps if you let others help you, you’d feel less strain.

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