Master Number 11

Numerology uses numbers to uncover your personality and path through life. Western numerology uses the numbers 1-9 and the double digits 11, 22 and 33. The double-digit numbers are considered master numbers.

Master numbers have a strong spiritual attachment. Individuals with master numbers should learn their importance, as well as their negative and positive aspects. 

Master numbers are sometimes considered numbers with great potential to evolve and grow.

Traits of the master number 11 include:

  • Spiritually conscious.
  • Lead calm and sensitive lives.
  • Introverted.
  • Anxious.
  • Creative.
  • Peaceful.
  • Tendency to play the victim.
  • Successful.

What Does Master Number 11 Mean?

This master number brings a number of positive qualities, including natural intelligence, empathy, increased sensitivity, supernatural abilities, spiritual insight and higher intuition. 

The 11 number is synonymous with power—both outward and inward. Additionally, this is the first of three master numbers (11, 22 and 33) and the root of all master numbers. 

11 is an uplifting and inspiring expression number. Each time it appears in a numerology chart, know that the holder of the number has great potential to make great changes to those around them and the world in general. 

It’s easier for you to harness the potential of master numbers compared to those born under alternative master numbers. Celebrities and iconic figures with a life path number of 11 include Michelle Obama, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Jordan and Orlando Bloom.

You will also find that if you have master numbers elsewhere in your numerology chart that your life takes on a greater spiritual dimension. To see the rest of your chart, click here for a free numerology reading. It will explore your core numbers based on your name and date of birth and reveal where in your chart master numbers appear.

Master Number 11: Positive Traits 

Spiritually Conscious 

You possess a wide range of spiritual qualities, including the ability to envisage early accidents or misfortunes. You may have the unique ability to communicate nonverbally (telepathy) and work excellently with a pendulum. For this reason, never underestimate your inner voices and intuition

Your spiritual experiences will develop with time, giving you the potential to become a healer or a prophet. Also, because of your power, responsiveness and high sensitivity, you could become a high-ranking individual such as a manager or politician. 

Lead Calm and Sensitive Lives 

This is a good thing, but not always. You’ll encounter people with ill motives who will take advantage of your gentle spirit and kind heart. As a master number 11, you may not notice, considering you only see the good in people. This comes with its consequences. 

Some people may take your kindness for weakness. Despite this, continue being a dependable and caring friend while also distancing yourself from anyone who plays you like a fool. 


Master number 11 individuals enjoy their own company. When you’re alone, you feel at ease and spend most of your time in deep thought. Before asserting yourself into any social situation, you like to watch from the sidelines first. 

Your introverted nature has made you independent, which gives you a sense of freedom. Since you can cater to your own needs, you don’t see the significance of mingling with others. 

In time, you become super focused and gain the rare ability to pay closer attention to non-verbal cues. Usually, these cues reveal hidden meanings. 

Environmentally Conscious 

Following an 11 life path, you enjoy being involved in environmental projects for the benefit of the planet. From environmentalism, to inventing, to creative solutions, you will do practically anything to make life better for those around you. 

Your will to help and your empathy puts you in an ideal place to provide ideas to modern problems. Of course, you may find this position daunting, but you should steer clear from putting pressure on yourself. 

Instead, consider it a privilege to help others.

On the Path to Fulfillment 

You’re naturally set on the path towards fulfillment. Anyone with the master number 11 will have an intuitive sense of what they should do to find happiness. 

The boldest thing you can do to find fulfillment is to act on your visions without fear. The strong intuition within you is stronger than your fear or doubt. One of the worst things that can limit your pursuit of success is indecisiveness and fear of getting out of your comfort zone. 

Find Success in Business and Career Fields 

You’re not all that inclined to pursue a career like others. When you do get into it, however, you show a lot of potential. You’re linguistically-inclined and can work pretty well in marketing and public relations. 

Special features like these make you inclined to fit perfectly into huge positions that entail international relations and negotiations. Bosses can easily bring you onboard to their company because of your sincere, thoughtful and calm personality.

Such jobs can give you a level of stability and also act as a distraction from your anxiety.

Peaceful Individuals 

You can’t stand any kind of conflict or argument. You tend to get anxious and distressed when you find yourself in the midst of any confrontation. For that reason, you try as much as possible to steer clear from uncomfortable conflicts, especially with your friends and family. 

Rather than getting over the issue, you will solve it right away. You try your level best to take control of the situation in the calmest way possible and make the problem a thing of the past. 

Thrives in a Relationship

Those with 11 master numbers are generally loving, caring and always there for those closest to you. In turn, your loved ones can count on you to be there for them in times of need.

Because of your loving nature, you can make the perfect life partner. This can be due to the fact that you’re constantly searching for a balance in your life. 

You get emotionally attached too fast, and you express your love in unique ways. Likewise, you will also settle for a partner who offers a stable relationship. Your ideal lover should understand your anxiety, rather than feed into it.


People with master number 11 generally do exceptionally well when it comes to art. A good number of them are singers, writers, designers, photographers or painters. 

If you haven’t found your calling yet, you still have the potential to succeed in several art fields all at once. In fact, you can handle as much work as you want. Anything you set your mind on accomplishing, be it work or hobby, you don’t have to struggle with it.

Master Number 11: Negative Traits

The challenges and shadows that come with bearing the number 11 are not as prevalent as the positive aspects.

Anxious Nature 

Master number 11s are known to have a weakness in controlling their fear and anxiety. You’re continuously faced with the harsh truths that the world has to offer. Since you have intense energy from within, you need to find an outlet for it; otherwise, you might start feeling cranky and overwhelmed. 

Whenever feelings like these kick in, the only solution is to take part in activities that keep you at peace. You can do anything, including going for a run, cleaning your home or engaging in some volunteer work. 

Tendency to Play the Victim

Whenever you find yourself in an argument, you automatically fall into victim mode. This limits you from growing into your inner power. 

Additionally, due to the hurdles you encounter on your personal journey, it may feel as though life is not on your side. Therefore, it’s vital that you consider such obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Energy Leak Struggles

You often struggle with exhaustion and energy leaks. In the absence of personal and proper boundaries, your counterparts are bound to drain you energetically. They do this by taking advantage of your spiritual gifts.

Inability to Fit in

You often find it somewhat difficult to fit into any material sphere. One way to overcome this is to ground yourself and spend a chunk of your time in nature. 

Limited Freedom

The number 11 meaning includes a combination of the number 1 and 2 in your chart. Anyone with life path number 11 may find it difficult to choose between being of service to others or serving their own ego.

As tricky as it sounds, you can overcome this by practicing how to assert your unique gifts into the world. You’ll eventually learn to keep yourself and those you love happy.

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