Master Number 33

Numerology is a kind of divination that focuses on links between numbers and circumstances, events, destiny and personality traits. Numerology is a lot from astrology, but they’re not quite the same. 

Numerology determines one’s features and traits based on the vibrations of numbers, while astrology relies on cosmic influences. 

Master numbers are, well, they’re everywhere, within us and around us. They’re referred to as master numbers because they’re special and occur in identical digits. This, therefore, gives them added power and immense potential. 

Anyone that possesses a master number in numerology chart has special attributes that set them apart from others. The ‘special attributes’ in this case, refers to a heightened sense of intelligence, potential and intuition. 

Master number 33 possesses traits such as:

  • Knowledgeable and wise.
  • Understanding.
  • The ultimate humanitarian.
  • Responsible.
  • Proud.
  • Inability to discern character.
  • Defensive.

Is 33 a Master Number?

Otherwise referred to as the ‘Master Teacher,’ the 33 is arguably the most influential of all numerology numbers. It’s considered a strong number because it’s a combination of the numbers 11 and 22.  This unique combination upgrades these two numbers to the highest level.

The 33 has no individualized ambition of any kind; instead, their primary focus is set on bringing about a spiritual elevation of all humanity. Members of this master number are often associated with understanding without communication, rare wisdom and complete devotion. 

As you’ll find out later, the bearers of the number 33 are highly knowledgeable and extremely emotional. When they achieve their full potential, members of this numerology life path present themselves as natural humanitarians.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Number 33?

The master number 33 meaning is special in so many ways. It’s often associated with blessings, courage, inspiration, compassion and honesty.

Anyone who has this number is always surrounded by guardian angels who support them on their life journey. Through number 33, the angels remind you that they are with you at all times. They also help you in your pursuit of clarity, peace and enlightenment

You will also find that if you have master numbers appear in your chart then your life will take on a deeper spiritual dimension. To check for master numbers in your numerology, click here for a free reading. Its based on your name and date of birth and it will calculate your core numbers, revealing any master numbers you may have.

Is Life Path 33 Rare?

The chances of finding an individual with this life path number are very rare. As a matter of fact, most of the most significant and most influential spiritual figureheads have 33 as their life path number. They are also recognized as movers and shakers with an immense level of knowledge. 

Master Number 33: Positive Traits 

Tendency to Care More About Others

The master number 33 is born with a natural intuition of showing compassion to others more than themselves. They dedicate their entire being to ensure that the masses are okay in every way.

Meeting the needs of other people helps the master number 33 develop in all aspects. On the other hand, they may find it strenuous trying to meet the needs of other people. 

Vivid Intuition 

Your supernatural intuition paves the way for an inordinate level of energy. You are often misunderstood in your early stages of self-discovery, since there is a lot going on in your life. This makes you come out as a shy and withdrawn character. 

Despite this, you have greater potential than anyone around you.

High Spiritual Energy 

Master numbers 33 possess intense spiritual energy. You’re properly equipped to teach and support others in times of hardship and desperation. You should strive to find the balance of knowing when to help and when to let others handle the situation.


Members of this life path number have a pro-life stance. This principle dictates that everyone is naturally equal in dignity regardless of their race, age, sex or position in the human family. 

Granting freedom to the vulnerable in society is your major goal. As you liberate others, you should also feel free to make decisions without anyone having an opinion about it. 

Responsible Nature 

Individuals born with 33 master numbers have a responsibility as their primary characteristic. It’s in your nature to feel responsible for anyone around you and also to take on leadership positions.

As a number 33, you should exercise strict and effective supervision in all your undertakings. 

Compassionate and Friendly

You are the kind of person that oozes with friendliness and warmth. You always have a sense of warmth around you that makes you someone that people always want to be around. 

The strong sense of compassion within you makes you a symbol of hope for the needy. If you’re not supporting charities now with financial aid, you’re bound to do it in the future. 

Exemplary Fostering Skills

In addition to being friendly and compassionate, individuals with this master number love nurturing the young. You’re a gentle individual with a kind heart who doesn’t push away those below yourself. 

You’re the kind of person that anyone can trust to foster something/someone into excellence. For this reason, your superiors can naturally be handpicked for managerial or other leadership positions.

Your fostering skills are evident as well in the family setup. You have a great ability to raise your little ones better than individuals with other life path numbers.  

Master Number 33: Negative Traits

Individuals with the master number 33 have flaws like everyone else. Their flaws are similar to those with destiny number 6. They include:

Inability to Discern Character

Not everyone in life shares your concern for the downtrodden and the weak. Since you’re focused on lending a helping hand, you won’t always discern a genuine and false character. This may cost you in the long run. 

White lies

This is one negative aspect that is rather unique for this master number. Though you may appear to be highly idealistic, you will lie not to hurt someone’s feelings. 

Occasional Dependence

Sometimes, master number 33s exhibit a trait of dependency. This is harmful, as it can make them cling strongly to an individual of higher power or wealth than them. This may, in turn, ruin their self-confidence and lead to depression.

Proud Character

Being intelligent folks, the 33s find it difficult to give an ear to people below their spiritual and intellectual level. For this reason, they’re pretty hard to school. They’re eager to outshine but reluctant to take in positive criticism. 

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