Destiny Number 5

In a numerology chart, numbers do more than just count. They’re significant letters of an old, sacred language, and they have meanings just like words do. Today I’ll focus on the numerology of Destiny Number 5.

A number means different things to different people, cultures and parts of numerology. Your destiny number tells your destiny along your life path, told by your life path number. Your life path number can give you your life purpose.

But in the end, the numbers hold significance. They hold key traits, good and bad. For example, destiny number 5 tells you that you’re adventurous but restless. Destiny number 5 is carefree but changeable. This knowledge can help you deal with people and life, as a 5.

Your destiny number is a guide. To ease you through life on a happy path. For you staying happy and inflow should be easy, but not everyone is lucky enough to have the destiny number 5.

Despite the ease, you’ll still have things that are negative in nature. Your destiny number can help you work on them before they come back to bite you.

Understanding destiny number 5 will only benefit you in life. You’ll get a sense of what you have to do and changes you need to make.

To go further, learn how your destiny number interacts with the other numbers in your numerology chart. Your life path, soul urge and personality numbers all work together to create your unique personality blueprint. To discover your chart, click here for a free numerology reading based on your name and date of birth.

What Does Destiny Number 5 Mean?

Carefree, adventurous, witty, progressive, enthusiastic…

Destiny number 5 is all about communication. You’re an incredible communicator, talking with old people and new people in different ways. You need a variety of people in your life to be happy.

You can use your knack for communication to make new friends as you go through life. You’ll be making new friends a lot, as you tend to outgrow your old ones most of the time. It’s because you’re so restless as a destiny number 5. You need to travel, explore new places and new cultures. You have no time for people holding you back.

You adore change and newness, number 5. You thrive on it. You get bored too quickly and this keeps you occupied. Your attention span is too low to stay in one place.

This sounds like a downer, but is it really, number 5? It makes you progressive, adaptive and adventurous. You can have fun anywhere and handle whatever life throws at you.

But try not to be too critical of whatever comes your way. That’s something you need to work on as a number 5. Also, try to work on your need for escapism—you should be doing things for enjoyment, not to run away.

Instead of running away from life number 5, maybe you could start a changeable career. It’s something that could keep your short attention span under control, keep you busy, but keep you anchored. There’s no room for escapism now.

To find a career that’s truly aligned with your highest good look at every number in your numerology chart. Not just your destiny number. You soul urge, expression, life path and personality numbers all influence your path through life. For an accurate assessment of your personal numerology, click here for a free numerology reading. It will explain your chart in easy to understand terms.


Everyone is born with some adventure in them, but you more than any other, destiny number 5. Routine? Never. Business? Only if it’s daring and changeable. Aim for constant progress, constant change in the universe, to thrive, number 5.

Fives have the confidence to take to the road with enthusiasm, hunting for new information. New people. You travel, not hunting wealth or intellect or to reach any goal. You just want a change of environment. New conditions. New times and eccentricity.

As a 5, you’re an adventurer, an explorer, right to the core.

Changeable, Adventurous Worker

But how does one survive in this wealth-driven, job-driven world, off of just travelling? There’s a certain romance about never staying in one place, living life to the fullest. But eventually, the world catches up, and you need to survive unless you’re already wealthy.

So, to keep the adventure alive in a career environment, you need constant change. Your attention span is so short. Fives make wonderful writers and journalists, as there’s always a new story to tell.

A 5 can make an incredible artist, always up for a new medium, a new piece. A new trip to take, to paint a new landscape or a new group of people.

Or you can take a more stable route. Those with the destiny number 5 make excellent teachers. There’s always new intelligence to share, new wit to spread among the class. And a new class every year to keep the change you so desire.

But if you really want a career adventure, you could even go into politics. The world needs a progressive leader, and your natural wit will help you succeed. The pursuit of a career in politics is enough adventure for a lifetime.


The destiny number 5 brings stress with it, though. Your constant need to go in a new direction can have an impact on you that’s not always a good one. And a 5 has a naturally addictive personality.

Perhaps your addiction is to power. Or exploration. Or escapism and running away. There are many aspects of life where addiction plays its wicked games. So you need to be careful.

Surround yourself with people who match your character, but don’t enable your flaws. People you can share your feelings with, who suit your lifestyle. Your changeable nature as a 5 means you’ll need people who change enough to stay interesting to you.

The right people around you can make possible future-addictions into things that comfort you, but no more. So you’ll enjoy the power, but know when to take a step back. You won’t crave it, only enjoy it.

You want things to spark excitement; you want your responsibilities to spark joy. But you don’t want to become addicted to what they bring, because what if it all comes crashing down? You can no longer travel. You’re forced to retire. Or worse, you fail in your career before it starts.

Don’t let yourself get hooked on fickle things, because they’ll destroy you. Don’t let yourself get addicted to anything to ease the stresses of life, either!

Everything in life has the potential to become a problem. Even the adventure you crave so much. Have your loved ones and family members ready to steady you. Others will be your salvation, even if it’s in your nature to leave them behind.

Change the way you see the world, and your addictive personality will quieten. Instead, you’ll become addicted to the people in your life, not the thrills that can hurt you.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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