Destiny Number 1

A number is a powerful thing. In everyday life, a number sequence can help measure and count but in the magical world, numbers can connect to your soul, life path and destiny.

Everything has a numerical value and thanks to numerology, we can measure our life path, soul urge and destiny. 

Your destiny number or expression number can help you figure out the path to your purpose and destiny, using numbers and the name on your birth certificate. This purpose may have been revealed by your life path number. Destiny and life path numbers often work together.

Depending on your destiny number, you’ll have different traits and be better suited to roles in life, as you achieve goals your life purpose number helped set. Destiny numbers help you along this path. They also aid in understanding what your life path number dictates you should do. To discover your full numerology profile, click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover how each number in your numerology chart combines to create your unique personality code.

What Does Destiny Number 1 Mean?

Creativity, discipline, independence, leadership…

These are traits associated with destiny number 1.

With expression number/destiny number 1, you’re a born leader. Willpower, strength and determination help you achieve leadership positions, gaining success while reaching goals.

With destiny number 1, you’re the master of your destiny and life path. You won’t tolerate people telling you what to do. You dictate to them while being the centre of attention.

Your creativity will help you stay on top and you’ll keep finding new ways to reach goals. Whether they’re goals in family, or career — you’ll excel in any career where you can lead, as number 1.

But you need to be careful. You’re strong willed as a 1, which may make you seem blunt, selfish and a number of other negatives.

The Need for Power

As expression number 1, you won’t be happy when you’re not in power. Because of this, destiny number 1 people tend to be entrepreneurs, CEOs, principals, executives and politicians. These high-power careers will fulfill your desire for power.

Because you’re independent as a 1, you might expect those around you to be too. This may result in situations where you lack patience with those who can’t match you.

Destiny number 1 people need to be careful not to let your bossy side out with people. A strong energy of power is your nature, but your leadership may put a number of people in uncomfortable situations if you don’t respect them.

This applies in business and personal relationships with destiny number 1. Your desire for power may give you an air of superiority in business and even in marriage, so you’ll miss opportunities to better yourself.

For example, say your romantic partner has a business venture that could tie in with your established career. Your potentially egocentric need to be in charge of it could damage your partner’s view of you, and the fruits of their labor in business.

Maybe you’re just used to self-reliance, so you haven’t had time for growth away from it. You’ll need to be patient with others, listen to them and know you don’t need to lead constantly.

To see where you could excel in a leadership position also consider your soul urge and expression numbers. These other numbers in your numerology chart come together to create your unique personality code. To unlock your personality code, click here for a free numerology reading. It will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, talents and gifts.

Picking a Career

It’s already been said that destiny number 1 fits well in a number of roles. It may be difficult to pick one path. Do you go for a career where you have decent power, but help others? Or do you want to lead large groups and influence the masses?

You need to look at yourself as a 1 and see what works for your life, then follow that road. If you’re prone to give into your ego, maybe you need to take a step back from your power-lust.

Becoming a teacher or principal may work. You’ll get to lead people without the means to go too far. As a principal, staff and students look to you to run the school.

As a teacher, you get to be the center of the students’ attention and flex your creativity. Unfortunately for those with the destiny number 1, you don’t always let your creative side show. Educating children takes some real originality to spread your ideas and wisdom believably to young minds.

Those are ways you could go if you don’t want action or drama, but want that 1 authority.

But if money, opportunity for growth and showing off your abilities is your mission, you may want to aim higher. So long as you know you won’t be blunt or harsh with people.

Here’s where you could start a business and build an empire. Gain the trust and admiration of employees, customers, and business partners, and see your efforts applauded on a greater scale. You have the tools to make a change in the world. Give yourself the permission to do it, number 1.

Just don’t let your powerful work be more important than love or family. You could be a great, dominant asset in a family, if you keep your 1 ego under control.

You’ll also find that your career choices are heavily influenced by your soul urge number and personality numbers. To see how these numbers all work together to create your energetic blueprint, click here for a free numerology reading. It will explain your personality code and unlock your hidden potential.

Staying Independent

People in power have the luxury of being independent, which is a natural 1 trait you have. But once you’ve established a leadership in work, in family, in your lifestyle, it’s easy to let that slip away.

You might have employees who want to be promoted up to a partnership. You might find a spouse who’s as dominant as you are, and clash in your views.

You need to associate with people who suit your domineering 1 personality.

In staff, you should look for submissive but intuitive people who work to your 1 standards but are dependant upon you for your lead. They won’t try to take your independent leadership from you.

In a romantic partner, find someone who’s okay with taking a backseat in the relationship. Someone who’s okay with you planning all the family activities, being the sole breadwinner, with you not confiding hardships in them so you can solve problems alone.

But know that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it, and know to take others’ opinions into consideration. Being selfish won’t help you stay independent.

Take breaks if your family recommends it. Let your partner take you out on dates, giving them the power.

Really, you need to find a balance in staying independent and knowing what scenarios you can give it up in. 

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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