Destiny Number 3

In numerology our names, birthdays come together and form different numbers that represent us. These reveal things about our lives, relationships, our future success—even our work ethic and ability to thrive.

The numerology of 3 is all about optimism, expressing yourself creatively and social interaction. These will all be parts of your destiny, determined by your destiny number.

If you’d like to stay content as you navigate people, life, money, friends and work, knowing your destiny number can help. It’ll help reveal your various skills, your positive and negative traits, and even what career would suit you best. For example, threes tend to be optimistic, creative and successful, but at times they can be scattered.

So understanding your expression number/destiny number 3 can be a vital part of life. It’ll give you power over your path, and help you spot opportunities you can jump on, leading to your fortune and happiness in the future. To take your understanding further, discover how your destiny number interacts with your other personal numerology numbers. If you don’t know your numerology chart yet, click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover how your life path, soul urge and personality numbers make up your unique blueprint. Helping you discover your place in the world.

What Does Destiny Number 3 Mean?

Optimistic, creative, enthusiastic, romantic, humorous…

Expression number/destiny number 3 is optimistic. There’s no escaping it. It’s what the numerology of the number 3 states, even being separate from destiny, perhaps as a life path.

Your optimism makes you a joy to be near, number 3. Your enthusiasm adds to that, and your cheerful, bright expression. Destiny number 3 people are a joy to be around with your bright, cheerful enthusiasm. You’d make an incredible partner and friend, number 3.

It’s great that you’re so easy to be around, as a destiny number 3 is going to need some support in the future. You have a need to be successful in everything you do, and as we all know that’s not always possible, number 3.

So you’ll be let down. But you won’t let it show. You hide disappointment behind wit, humor, and a perky expression. You’ll never let anyone see you in pain.

You crave the love of family and friends but you refuse to let anyone know. You refuse to be sad or vulnerable, which is impractical. Luckily people love you, as a 3, so you can feed off their support of your success and pretend they’re supporting you in times of pain.

Although you’re not destined to be this way forever. You’re a performer and full of creativity as a 3. So you could find a creative way to open up without showing your true vulnerability. You can share yourself freely through somebody else, a character you play, even a book you write.

Or you can teach children how to open up, and maybe learn this yourself in the process.

To see where else these traits may play a roll in your life, look at the rest of your numerology chart. This free numerology reading will help you understand who you are and where you’re going.

A Career Performing

Destiny number 3 is setting you up for a wild life of good fortune. You’re well-suited to any career where you’re performing. You have a lifetime of opportunity to take the stage.

Threes make incredible actors, musicians and artists, but the need to succeed can make it take on difficult workloads. Understanding the importance of sleep, food, taking a break and making connections with people is vital. You don’t have to be performing all the time.

If you’re not one for the limelight, perhaps a career in education is for you. Performing a version of yourself that only kids see could be the trick to your happiness. Who said a performance had to be on the stage? You can use your gift of cheerfulness, optimism and talent away from the spotlight.

You have plenty of intellect, which is quite an achievement and success in itself. Sharing that, and your other talents, could be great for you, even in a manner that doesn’t show off to society.

To see what other talents you might have that you can share with the world, look at your other numerology numbers. Your life path, personality and expression numbers come together to create your unique personality code. Click here for a free numerology reading which will show your core numbers and explain how they form the unique energetic blueprint of the potential for your life.

Your Weakness, Independence

Once you know what you want to do in the world, it’s time to address your weakness. You’re constantly performing, even away from work. It’s the flaw of the destiny number 3.

You need to have independence to function. You have the power and creativity to make it work well for you. The arts are your company, but there are feelings you can’t suppress. A craving for love. Family. Romance, a partner.

You need to find the maturity within yourself to let your feelings flow. Let people know that yes, you’re independent, but you need them, too. Your friendships might suffer if you’re always the witty one with no dark side. They might get the sense that you don’t trust them to comfort you. 

Or, they might get jealous of your constant good fortune. Not knowing that underneath you’re having difficulty with communication and letting people know you need their support.

You need to learn that you can be independent and allow people to support you. Let them make you smile for a change.

Your Creative Leadership Skills

Being so independent, you’re equipped with some excellent creative leadership skills. This could help you in your need to succeed in life. After all, you’re fortunate in business, so it’s no shock you could lead a team in a manner that is unique to you.

Even when you fail and get hit hard, you lead on. And your pain is short-lived, as your optimism takes over and you bounce back.

Family life, friends, work, even money, are all secure under your lead. You’re creative, so you can find out-of-the-box ways to deal with interpersonal relationships, work, finances and whatever life throws at you. Ever the performer, three. People with destiny number 3 are lucky in that.

However, you may be somewhat impractical in your lead. You tend to be scattered, so you’ll need someone to help you. In work, with friends, wherever. This is where your leadership may waver because we circle back to your need to be independent. Your tendency to shun being vulnerable.

If you let yourself be vulnerable, someone can come to your side and help you out. In turn, you can inspire that person to create alongside you, to be a leader too. Heed their advice, take pride in yourself even when you have problems, and you can find happiness.

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