Destiny Number 6

Everyone has a destiny and a number to go with it. To most people, their destiny is unknown. But to others, numerology can reveal your life path number to show you your overall purpose. Then you can find out your destiny number to help you fulfill it.

Your destiny number will reveal some of your traits—both positive and negative. This will show you what you need to work on as you go forward, and what things you’ll enjoy as you do. Your traits can reveal career choices, relationship moves and hobbies that’ll fit you. 

It’s all in the number 6; it’s the key to understanding your destiny and how to achieve your purpose. Each number holds power and secrets, and every person is the sum of many different numbers, including numerology 6, on a numerology chart. If you’ve not seen your numerology chart yet then click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover your core numerology numbers, helping you decode your personality and divine destiny,

What Does Destiny Number 6 Mean?

Considerate, affectionate, domestic, responsible, loyal, empathetic, sensitive…

A 6 numerology number is great. Be it a path number or destiny number.

A destiny number 6 is a nurturing person. Weak and ailing people benefit from your existence, as they need someone to nurse them and you’re the one to do it. They can be weak of body or of mind, and you’ll be their salvation. This makes you an asset in any relationship or friend group. If anyone is hurting, you can make them better.

It’s good that you keep your friends nurtured and loved because you expect a lot from them. You and your perfectionist nature expect a lot from yourself and others. It’s only because you want the best in life.

Others might not meet these expectations, but you do. You do well in whatever you set your mind to, whether at work or personally. Your loyal, responsible nature as a 6 makes it easy for you to reach your goals. You’d make an excellent employee and an even better boss. A nurturing boss is something that can benefit an entire company.

With the help of a loyal workforce, you can beautify the world, destiny number 6. You idealize love and beauty and want to spread it to people, places and beyond.

The Nurturer

We’ve established that you’re nurturing, destiny number 6. You love love, compassion and happiness. It’s no surprise that the number 6 is associated with The Lovers in tarot. Any life partner, romantic or platonic, would be lucky to have you.

And you will find that how you express your love for others will be influenced by the other numbers in your numerology chart. By learning your life path, expression, personality and destiny numbers you will gain deeper insights into your approach to helping others. Click here for a free numerology reading which looks at your core numerology profile.

Your mission is to help anyone feeling down, destiny number 6. Whether this means a smile to a downtrodden stranger in the street, charity work, a kiss for a sulking partner, or a career as a nurse, doctor or mental health professional. 

Although, something to take note of with your nurturing nature is the empathy it gives you. This is an excellent base for a career away from the sick and ailing. You’d make a wonderful teacher, to nurture the minds of children. You’d make a great actor or writer, as you know people, so you know how to portray them.

Destiny number 6 people make fantastic leaders as their nurturing gives them confidence. You could move the masses and take them under your wing. Heal their ailments through symbolism in your writing, or characters you play. Humankind needs more people like you.


Nurturing is nicely implemented into hobbies, as well as charity work and volunteering. 

Yet your perfectionism opens up other career doors for you, destiny number 6.

Fashion and interior design come with several enormous responsibilities, but you need to be a perfectionist to get it right. Only you can pair the perfect blinds with the couch, number 6. Perfectionism is a skill that can help with any task.

It may also be your downfall as a 6.

You need to form some adaptability because as you are, you’re prone to angry outbursts if things don’t go your way, number 6. You’re easily discouraged, fearful, anxious and insecure. Perhaps that’s what drives you to be so perfect.

You need to be easier on yourself and the people around you. Not everyone will be up to your standards, including yourself. That’s okay, destiny number 6. You know that nurturing nature you have? Let it out. Spend some time on self-love.

Beautify everything, destiny number 6. Let this beautifying be messy and imperfect. Yes, perfectionism will help you in life. But if you release the constant desire, the constant need to be perfect, your life will improve.

You can be the best, employ the best people, employ the best family, without being obsessive, number 6. You can be perfect without manipulating others into being that way too. You’re a considerate, sensitive person aren’t you? You’d do well to remember that. Show yourself the affection you want to see others showing in the world.


Your positive trait of nurturing and negative trait of perfectionism as a 6 can clash when it comes to romance.

Romance doesn’t just mean a partner you love. Romance is a feeling of mystery and excitement, remoteness from everyday life.

Of course, there’s romance in a relationship, in marriage, in family. But there’s also romance in food, new knowledge, jewelry, activities, even development as a person.

But you need to be very careful and know where to seek strength. Because of your tendency to beat yourself up about things as a 6, you can become crestfallen very easily.

You’re successful by nature. It’s because you’re responsible. You’re loyal to those you love, those you employ. At home and at work. And because of your empathetic and domestic nature, there’s something rather romantic about all of it.

But the romance can easily be shattered by your dark side. The 6 perfectionism coming back to bite you. Your anxiety about whether you’re doing things right, or whether you’re nurturing too much.

You need to know that there’s a balance in every part of life. So as you look at everything with this blissful mental romance, know that you can never truly be perfect. That your anxieties are misplaced. And revel in the romantic nature of life, art, music, environment, children and community.

Once again, destiny number 6, your number is associated with The Lovers. So don’t let your nurturing or perfectionist traits take over your romantic one. Sometimes things don’t need to be nurtured, and life isn’t perfect.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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