Karmic Debt Number 14

Numbers are a bountiful part of everything in our lives. They exist on a basic, earthly basis, helping us count and measure. They also have a metaphysical role to play. Using the meaning of numbers we can see the divine connections between events and destiny, and people.

Numerology is the study of the metaphysical meanings of numbers. It’s one of the most ancient truths. The knowledge that we are all spiritual creatures, with earthly and higher selves.

When we leave this life, our higher self remembers and chooses to incarnate again. Each incarnation brings us a step closer to the final destination: enlightenment.

However, we may leave one life and enter another carrying Karmic Debt. This is lessons we still need to learn. Each Karmic Lesson has a number and in this article you’ll learn about Karmic Debt Number 14.

How Is Your Karmic Debt Number Calculated?

Your Karmic Debt number often comes from the numbers on your numerology chart. Also, not everyone has one, as there are only four—13, 14, 16 and 19.

People born on those dates automatically have them as their Karmic Debt number. But to get it from your chart, you’ll have to look at your other numbers.

However, these numbers are usually single digits. How do you get a Karmic Debt number from one?

Well, say you’re Destiny number 5. Look at 5, and you can figure out that 1 + 4 = 5. And 1 and 4 … that’s 14! You have a Karmic Debt number.

You have a Karmic Debt number if one of your above numbers happens to be 4, 5, 7 or strangely, 1. You see 10 won’t show up in your core numbers and is the sum of 9 and 1. But what’s the sum of 1 and 0? Just 1!

What Does Karmic Debt Number 14 Mean? 

There are two main messages with Karmic Debt number 14, and they’re hope and fear. I’m going to give you a brief overview of both.

But first, here’s the main message that comes with Karmic Debt number 14: stick with it!

A lot of the time, you find it hard to focus. This comes from a number 5 in your numerology chart, the great escapist and adventurer. It’s particularly prevalent if your Destiny number is 5.

What you need to do is learn to focus. On your career, your health, your love life, your friends and your family. Fives of various core numbers have a tendency to dump people to go find more interesting ones. Your mission: don’t.

Stop making excuses. Stop bouncing around without meaning. The journey of five is to have an adventure, but the journey of Karmic Debt number 14 is to find balance. Have an adventure, but learn some commitment outside of it!

To discover more about how you can learn your karmic lessons, look at the other numbers in your numerology chart. They will help you come to know your gifts, talents and abilities that will help you with your karma. Click here for a free numerology reading which decodes your personality.

Reign in your tendency to enjoy excess

As an escape artist, you’re not just escaping with travel. You, karmic number 14, may be using other methods as a means for escape, too.

From food to alcohol to sex and all things in between, you’re doing something in excess to run away and avoid responsibility.

You need to realize you’ve done this already, and now is the time to stop and learn your lesson. Payback your debt by wising up.

It’s okay to overindulge once in a while.

But the next day, recognize that you can’t do this every day. You probably can’t even do it every month without some damage! You need to learn some control and balance to repay your karmic debt.

Learn to control your fear

Fives are fearless adventurers, and so are those with Karmic Debt number 14. The thing is, that’s going to be a challenge sometimes.

This could manifest in a number of ways. 

There’s the lack of balance because you can’t commit to a job, lighting a fear fire inside you. You may be afraid you’ll have to depend on family or a spouse to survive.

Or maybe you’re afraid of your escapism in excess. You’re indulging in things too much and you fear it’s going to harm or change you for the worse.

You need to face your challenges head-on and come up with smart workarounds. Find a changeable job you can stick with. Indulge in safer things, like a hobby, or a TV show you can’t stop rewatching.

There’s always a workaround for the thing you’re afraid of.

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