Stories & Myths

Stories & Myths
The kings son, a prince of the kingdom - having his heart stolen by a wicked witch who disguised herself as a beautiful siren.

The Wicked Witch Strikes Back

The Wicked Witch schemes and plots to steal a Prince from the Kingdom.
Stories & Myths
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Unveiling the Shadows: The Psychological Depths of Joker 2's Trailer

The Joker 2 Trailer teases a film that will explore the darker aspects of the human psyche and their devastating consequences.
Stories & Myths

The Wisdom and Depth Psychology Behind Police Scotland’s Hate Monster Campaign 

The hate monster represents an unconscious complex operating in the shadows of our psyche that has been bought to light.
Stories & Myths
The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus at war with each other because they are wearing two faced masks and cannot tell reality from fiction.

A Myth for Our Times: The Kidnapping of the Angel of Love

The Gods started to believe nonsense. Their reality broke & war started. The rupture in peace allowed evil to enter and commit unspeakable deeds.