A Myth for Our Times: The Kidnapping of the Angel of Love

The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus at war with each other because they are wearing two faced masks and cannot tell reality from fiction.

During my travels, I met a Countess. With a sparkle in her eye, and a sly wink, she gave me a handful of magic beans. I wasn’t sure whether to eat them or plant them? Anyhow, the beans took me to the realm of Gods, Goddesses and Myths. This is what I received.

For the most fun party to end all parties, the Gods & Goddesses dress up and wear two-faced masks.

But after the party ends, they forget to take the two-faced masks off.

Unknowingly, the masks begin to take on a life of their own.

The two faced masks led the Gods & Goddesses astray, preventing them from seeing truth from false, right from wrong.

And the Gods & Goddesses begin to deceive themselves about themselves and one another about each other.

Greed, pride, delusion and ill will dominated the imagination of the Gods & Goddesses.

Power games are now being played and an unimaginably devastating war has erupted between the Gods & Goddesses.

gods and goddesses at war on mount olympus because they wore two faced masks which they forgot to take off.

The rupture in harmony created an entry point for unimaginable evil to enter the Kingdom, evading every defence.

In the shadows of the Kingdom, evil has secretly crafted the most diabolical demon. Evil has placed the demon directly into the loving heart of the Kingdom so it can hide in the darkest shadows, waiting for the moment when it can unleash terror.

When the moment arrived, the demon erupted into being to the sound of a trumpet and violently ripped the Kingdom’s Angel of Love’s wings from her back. the demon held her limp, wingless body up for everyone to see and a sense of deep shame reverberated across the Kingdom.

A demon tearing the wings off the angel love and holding her limp body for the kingdom to see.

Then the demon forcefully dragged her into the Abyss. Into Hell, so he could subsume her being into his perverse everlasting, cosmic spiral of evil.

The Angel of Love is missing from the Kingdom.

And the Kingdom is now sick and a pandemic of unimaginable devastation has been unleashed. The Kingdom is dying a slow terrible death.

Only by rescuing the Angel of Love can the life of the Kingdom be saved.

Only an act of ultimate forgiveness will repair the defences against evil keeping the Kingdom safe.

The Queen has ordered her most noble Knight to leap into the Abyss and rescue the Kingdom’s Angel of Love. To arm her Knight, the Queen unlocks her armoury and draws Excalibur. She gives it to the Blacksmith for preparation. The Blacksmith uses the strongest stone in the land, a Firestone to hone the edge of Excalibur’s blade making it sharper than it’s ever been before.

On the day of the leap, the Kingdom gathers to watch. The Knight stands at the edge of the Abyss, raises Excalibur to the sky and bellows into the depths “Demon, return the Angel of Love or I will end you”

Not a word from the Abyss.

The Knight waited longer for a response.

And then he heard it, a quiet whisper, a faint sound, a cold demonic cackling laugh.

And the Knight quivers in fear, losing his faith, his strength and his courage.

He backs away from the edge of the Abyss.

He returns to the Queen and tells her that he had failed.

He hands back Excalibur, removes his coat of arms from the Chapel, and gives up his Knighthood.

He returns to the village to live as a villager.

A state of dark despair falls across the Kingdom and the sun does not rise for three days.

And then, a wizard appears out of nowhere. He walks with a most marvellous wooden staff.

At the tip of the staff a sapphire stone gleams, glistens and sparkles, igniting a flicker of hope across the Kingdom.

The wizard walked to the edge of the Abyss.

The Kingdom gathered to watch.

Will the wizard take the leap? Will he find her? Will he defeat evil and rescue the Angel of Love?

But the wizard does not leap. Instead, The wizard pointed his staff into the Abyss and calmly said “Lumos”.

And a blinding flash of light illuminates the darkness making the Abyss vanish. And the sound of a trumpet rang out.

The Angel of Love reappears, soaring high above the Kingdom. Shining with splendour and radiance, emanating ineffable love on the Kingdom once again. And the sickness left the Kingdom and life returned. The Fields of the Kingdom bloomed with Sunflowers.

Everyone in the Kingdom turns to face one another. The words “I am sorry” ring out from the crowds. And as if by Magic, a Water Wheel House appears on the banks of the river and water lilies appear at the water’s edge.

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