Personality Number 1

At its core, numerology is the study of numbers. A study of how they connect to events and traits from life path to personality. By knowing your own numerology specifics, you get to learn all about yourself and how other people view you.

A numerology reading can reveal a lot about a person. Everyones’ numbers say something about them.

Your personality number can help you figure out why people love you, leave you or are indifferent towards you. It’ll reveal your strengths and weaknesses, feelings and values, and all kinds of incredible things.

Your personality number can even help you figure out what roles you fit best in, how you overcome obstacles and how you can connect to people. This information will do you a great service in all kinds of situations, so view it as guidance and advice to influence your life choices.

Traits of those with personality number 1 include:

  • Confident.
  • Loyal.
  • Leader.
  • Creative.

To discover where these traits will show up in your life, look to the other core numbers in your numerology chart. You life path, soul urge and expression numbers will shape where your traits unfold in your life. Click here for a free numerology reading and find out your core numbers.

What Does Personality Number 1 Mean?

Confident, loyal, leader, creative…

Is it any surprise that you, as a personality number 1, others see you as a leader? Whether it’s life path number 1, destiny number 1, anything numerology 1, a number one will always be a born leader. Number one people are best placed at the head of the table.

Personality number 1 people are seen by others to be pioneers and likely risk-takers. A number one is self-driven, fearless and can get creative about how they do things. Personality number 1s are a joy to be around because they exude confidence and a self-driven vigour that’s only to be admired

However, ones have egos. It’s understandable. As a one, you tend to let your ego go to your head and get stubborn about it. You’re too confident sometimes, and it makes you lack compassion. This can drive people away.

People are also intimidated by you. Not everyone can match your determination in life, and authority frightens others. If you show people your gentle, calm side, the people you’re pushing away are likely to flock to you instead.

The main takeaway is that your drive is admirable, but some individuals won’t like it, so you need to show both sides of yourself. Learn to be more gentle with your leadership, learn some compassion, and your whole expression will change. You’ll still be a one, of course, but a more approachable one who stays out of trouble.

You can learn more about how your personality number shapes your outlook on life by exploring its relationship to the other numbers in your numerology chart. You also have a life path, destiny, soul urge and expression number to consider. To find out your unique personality code, based on these numbers, click here for a free numerology reading. It’s based on your name and date of birth and it will give you deeper insight into your strengths, weaknesses, talents and gifts.

Authority Figure

As an authority figure, there’s no pushing you around. You radiate efficiency and a dynamic energy. Everyone knows how capale and controlled you are, in distress and at peace.

If you were to put on a business suit—maybe you dress this way already—nobody would dare question your authority. Although you’re so striking, you can also pull off fun, bold and bright colors with ease. They match the confidence you have. While the suits show your experience, the bright colors reveal your capacity to step outside that box.

You’re quite the character, fit many descriptions, and ooze with popularity at work and at home. All fields are your field, at least by your attitude and with your power. Any topic, you’re on it. Any opinions you have, they’re shared and respected.

You’re the boss of all employees, the one your friend group looks up to and the assertive one in relationships. You’ll need to find a partner who’s fine with a relationship they can take a back seat in.


Having a boss who’s not afraid to take risks, no matter the consequences, is no doubt admirable. Even having a risk-taking friend is an asset. Who else is going to challenge bad service or encourage nervous friends to go on that group skiing trip?

Although there’s a downside to taking risks. Personality number 1, you’re stubborn. And you have an ego. So if you take a risk and challenge a restaurant you think gave you subpar service, you run the risk of going overboard and getting into trouble yourself. 

If you take a risk at work and put all your eggs in one basket, your plans may fail. If you push a soft-spoken friend too far, they might snap and turn on you. Then where would you be?

So you need to take risks, but know your limits. Try not to seem aggressive or unreceptive. Acknowledge when something is too much because not every idea is a good one. You’re lucky enough to be in a position of power, and you have the ability to sway others. The perfect 1 personality will use this logically and for good.

So number 1, pay close attention to how others may view the meaning of your actions and find a balance when it comes to extremities. Peoples’ responses to your manner are vital in friendship, love and career. Don’t scare them off and try to keep harmony among those closest to you.

Show your strength selectively

Any powerful person can show strength, whether they’re egotistical and taking too many risks or not. As a number one, you’ll be in a position of power frequently.

I mentioned toning things down number 1, so people are more comfortable around you. But what happens when you’re up against an aggravator or rival? Then you get to use your power and strength as an asset.

Leaders usually develop good judgment, so you’ll know what decisions to make and who to show strength too. If you make a mistake and scare off someone by mistake, take responsibility and restore order. Use this to build knowledge and understanding about who not to scare off with your displays of strength.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also gain insight it what your future may hold. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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