666 Meaning – Why do you keep seeing Angel Number 666?

Has the sequence 666 started appearing in your life more and more? Are you worried in case it means something bad?

You look at the screen and the song is on 6.66. You see it on phone numbers, receipts, in advertisements. And you notice an increase in seeing 666 after meditation. Even seeing 666 in dreams. And you’re wondering “why do I keep seeing 666 in my life?”

Our Guardian angels communicate with us through synchronicity. They send repeated signs, symbols and numbers to get our attention. Synchronicity is when coincidences feel significant. Like there’s a deeper meaning. The appearance of 666 for the 4th time that day must mean something?

By reflecting on the meaning of the number we can discover the message. Repeating number sequences are often called angel numbers. Each sequence brings guidance and wisdom to your life.

When you keep seeing 666 your guardian angels have a message for you. To discover the message we blend numerology with intuitive insights about our lives. Only you will know the true meaning of 666 as it applies to what’s happening in your life right now. But by using numerology, you can learn universal lessons. Bringing your life back into alignment with your soul purpose.

So in this article, you’ll first learn what 666 means in numerology. Then we’ll discover what the meanings reveal about your love life, the law of attraction, your career and more. Then if you stick around we’ll dive into some of the deeper more arcane, esoteric and spiritual meanings of 666.

Before you begin, it’s also useful to know your own personal numerology numbers. Everything can be understood through numbers, even our own personality and destiny. Numerology decodes our life path, soul urge, destiny and expression numbers. These numbers help us go deeper when looking within, to connect the divine guidance of 444 with our lives. Click here for a free reading and discover your numerology numbers.

Angel Number 666 Numerology

Numerology is a divinatory system that dates back to the times of the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. Numerologists believe everything can be understood, and expressed through numbers. Each number is given a meaning which describes how energy manifests in reality. So by working out the numerology numbers of a person, place or thing, we can see how its made up on an energetic level.

The traditional numerology meanings of the number 666 are:

  • Love and attraction
  • Charm and charisma
  • Generosity and kindness
  • Nurturing, mothering and compassion
  • Loyalty
  • Family and close relationship

To discover why you are seeing 666 in your life, we look at where our life could use some 666 energy. For example, if right now you’re manifesting your dream career, 666 may be a call to reflect on how you are putting yourself out into the job market. Are the qualities on display the ones that will attract your dream career?

Or you could be thinking about your love life, and 666 may be a message to check in with your partner and give them some TLC.

By understanding the meaning of 666, we can apply it to our lives in a process of self-inquiry. Unlocking wisdom and messages.

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Next, we’ll explore the message of 666 as it relates to different aspects of your life. These are only examples. Use them as inspiration when discovering your own personal 666 meanings and messages.

666 meanings for love & Relationships

666 is the number for love and romance. So if your love life is a focus right now 666 is often a good omen. See 666 as an invitation to develop your romantic side. Open up and allow your beauty to flirt and seduce. 666 is a message to take the leap of faith, let your attraction and desire overpower the fear of rejection.

666 meaning if you’re Single

If you’re single you might see 666 when thinking about your ex or someone else. This could be a sign that you should question your past relationships. Did they resonate with the energy of 666? Did they make you feel safe, secure and emotionally fulfilled?

Your ex may have been fun and flirtatious. But unless they can provide you with TLC, you have to wonder whether the relationship is in your highest good.

666 can also be a sign to rethink our approach to dating. Instead look for partners that provide care, compassion and love. Turn away from the rebel and instead embrace the romantic.

666 also reminds you to have patience. Loving relationships can take time to develop.

For a more detailed analysis of your love life by the numbers, consider a numerology reading. Based on your name and date of birth, a numerology reading will decode your personality. Helping you understand why you attract the partners you do into your life. Click here for your free numerology reading.

666 meaning if you’re in a relationship

If you’re in a relationship, then seeing angel number 666 is a message to rekindle the flames of romance. Have you been together so long that things are now routine? Do you feel that your relationship is only functional? Then 666 is a message to spend the time and energy being romantic again. Perhaps you need to get away for a short romantic vacation? Even planning a date night at home with some special treats will rekindle the flame.

666 could also be a message to check in with your partner and provide them with some love and support. It may be that they are having a hard time at the moment. And they may struggle to express their feelings. 666 asks you to approach them with care and compassion and offer them your full support.

To learn more about the numerology of your relationships, get a numerology reading. Through the magic of numbers, you can decode your personality. And check your compatibility with your partner. Click here for your free numerology reading.

666 meaning for soul mates

Angel numbers contain guidance that will help our soul relationships evolve. 666 guides us to show up for our soul mates and offer them our full support.

We incarnate onto the earth plane with a soul family and soul mates. Each soul mate helps, supports, guides and encourages you as you fulfil your soul purpose. You also provide support to your soul family in return.

When 666 appears, it’s a call to check in with your soul family and ensure everyone has the support they need.

Also, 666 could be a message to ask your soul mates for their help. You don’t have to do everything alone.

666 meaning for twin flames

Twin flame relationships can be intense. When twin flames burn and rise together, the result can be dizzying emotions and out of control passion. If not kept in check, twin flame relationships can become all-consuming. 666 is a reminder that although love and passions have no limits, the human ability to comprehend does have limits.

If your twin flame relationship has felt intense recently, 666 is a call to return to more stable states of love. Focus on how you can support each other practically. 666 can also be a warning not to become codependent on your twin flame. Spend time as a normal couple, developing healthy bonds of romance and attraction.

There are 7 types of love in greek tradition. Each one brings a different dimension to your twin flame relationship. Don’t get stuck in passionate, heady love. Spend time exploring other expressions of love.

666 meaning for the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

666 is the number of loving, compassionate emotions. 666 could be a simple message to charge your intentions with more positive emotion. If you’re creating vision boards, 666 could be a message to only pin things that inspire highly positive emotional states within you.

The law of attraction uses emotion to align potential with passion. 666 asks how much you want something?

To make your manifestation work really come alive, its best to align your passions, your talents and your desires. To discover these you need to go through a process of self-discovery. A numerology reading can be the ideal starting point for your journey. It will help you look within so you can find your soul’s desire. Click here for a free numerology reading and start aligning your manifestation work with 666 today.

What does 666 mean for your career?

666 Angel number is a call to nurture your career. Have you zoned out recently? Are you only going through the motions, turning up each day wishing its Friday? 666 is a reminder to bring love and care to the work we do.

If we dont love what we do, we will not do our best work.

When 666 appears in your life, it’s time to question whether your career is something you can fall in love with. If not, it might be time to explore careers that will fill you with joy and inspiration.

If you don’t know what career will bring you joy, consider a numerology reading. Based on your name a date of birth, a numerology reading decodes your personality. Helping you discover your talents, abilities and skills which you can turn into a worthwhile career. Click here for your free numerology reading.

666 can also show up when we need to pay more attention to the relationships with our co-workers. This can be especially true if you are in a managerial job. Are you delivering feedback in a compassionate way that seeks to build people up and empower them? Are there any team members that need extra support? 666 could be a message to step in and provide your colleagues with your help.

What does 666 mean for your money manifestation?

666 is a reminder of the spirit of generosity. Don’t hoard your money. Our wealth is a measure of our ability to provide value for others. When people bless you with wealth, return the benediction. Use your wealth to help others.

The angels love a generous spirit that helps those in need.

Remember to embrace generosity as part of your plan to manifest more wealth.

Spiritual meaning of 666

Spiritually 666 is symbolic of compassion and cooperation. Through the number 6, we can tune into the spiritual law of loving your neighbour before yourself. Meditate on 666. Embody and experience the laws of love. Activate the desire to provide generosity and service to others.

666 calls us to look at how we can realign our life with being of service to others. And how we can look at everything through the eyes of love.

What does 666 mean in the Bible?

666 represents the beast from the Book of Revelation. But, this is where the association between the Christian bible and angel number 666 ends. The bible does not reference the numerology of 666 or the meaning of angel number 666. Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:9-14 state that divinatory practices like numerology are forbidden in Christian life.

Are there any negatives or bad meanings for 666?

Can seeing 666 be a warning sign? That something bad is coming your way?

Whilst angel messages are meant for our highest good, sometimes their lesson can feel harsh.

Every energy has a gone wrong expression. And sometimes 666 is a warning that we are on the wrong side of the energy spectrum. Gone wrong, 666 could be a message that you’ve taken on too much responsibility to help and care for others. 666 asks you to consider where generosity is being taken advantage of in your life.

Does 666 have occult or metaphysical meaning?

The number 666 is steeped in occult lore, conspiracy and secrets. It’s one of the most notable triple number sequences in occult literature because of its direct mention in the bible, being the number of the beast.

666 also has associations with the english occultist Aleister Crowley. Who describe himself using the number 666.

Other esoteric works point to 666 being a sign of the devil. However much of this seems to be romanticized fiction, put out by people who are more inclined to entertain than educate.

Does 666 mean anything in astrology?

No, 666 does not mean anything in Astrology. Astrology does not use any triple number sequences in its calculations.

However, 666 can be associated with some of the signs and planets as it represents similar energy. 666 could be associated with cancer and libra. Both signs work to develop deep relationships at home and with others. There’s also elements of Aquarius that could be associated with 666. Aquarius is a sign that cares about the rest of humanity. For the planets, we would associate venus with 666, Venus being the goddess of Love.

Does 666 mean anything in the Tarot?

Tarot and Numerology are separate systems with separate meanings. However some readers like to draw correspondences between the numbers.

In the minor arcana – the 6 of each suit depicts a scene with a similar meaning to 666. In the 6 of coins we see generosity. In the 6 of cups we emotional security. In the 6 of wands we see charisma, and in the 6 of swords a new beginning for a family.

We can also compare 666 to the 6th card in the Major Arcana, The Lovers. Which whilst at face value also means love, on a deeper level it means making choices out of passion and love. Aligning with true love for you and making choices that bring you closer to your desires.

What to do when you see 666?

Experiencing synchronicity and seeing an angel number is an invitation to change. Use the moment to reflect on the meaning of 666 in relation to your life. Where is the energy of 6 needed to restore harmony? Where could the energy of 6 help your life excel and evolve? Look to the meaning of 666 as inspiration for a personal message which you discover through your own meditations.

Go deeper with your intuition with a numerology reading. Discover what else the numbers have to say about you. Click here to discover your life path, soul urge and destiny numbers.

Is seeing 666 the start of a spiritual awakening?

If this the first time you’ve started seeing angel numbers then it might be a sign that spirituality is about to play a bigger role in your life. You may start to go through an awakening, connecting deeply with your soul and spiritual nature. To continue your spiritual and esoteric journey, sign up for my free newsletter, The Mystic’s Menagerie. We talk all things spiritual and esoteric.

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