Angel Number 666 Meaning

The number 666 has many meanings, one of which is well-known and dark. But if you’ve seen 666, don’t worry. The meaning of 666 in numerology and angel numbers is significantly less terrifying than the usual association with the devil.

So now your terror is at bay, let me get to the root of why you’re here.

Last night, you were stuck behind a car with the number 666 on the license plate. You were on your way to pick up takeout that cost $16.66. You then ventured to the grocery store to pick up some necessities, and they came to $6.66. And you swear you see 6:66 on your clock, too, even though that’s impossible.

What you might not be noticing is the synchronicity of this occurrence. You see the numbers, and as if by some pre-foretold destiny, a wave of events unravel in your life. They unravel all at once, unconnected, surly… except they most likely are actually connected.

Your angels are trying to tell you something to help you on this path.

Angel number 666 meaning:

  • Support.
  • Being wrapped up in material affairs.
  • Fears and hardships.
  • Struggle to sort through ideas.
  • Balance.
  • Being a caregiver.
  • Physicality.
  • Aligning and remembering your purpose.

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What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are repeated numbers like 000, 111, 222, sent to us by angels. The most obvious are 000–999, but other number combinations, like 1010 and 1212 occur, too. No matter the number, angels have an array of messages to send, in many forms.

So, chances are, any number sequence you keep seeing is an angel number! That means your angels, or spirit guides, or whatever you wish to call them, are trying to send you a message. The universe is reaching out in some form.

Angel numbers may even signify a message from your higher, spiritual self calling out to your earthly self. They could be from anything that exists on a different, higher level from our world who wants to contact you.

The reason these messages appear as numbers in our world is that divide. Your angels—the term I’ll use to cover all bases—can’t break into this world to speak to you directly when you’re here. So, they do what they can in the hope that you’ll notice their guidance.

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6 6 6 Meaning

A far cry from the number of the beast, the meaning of 666 is actually support. Whatever your mission, whatever your challenges, your angels want to lift you and help you through. If you focus on what your heart desires, maybe on your goals or life-purpose, your angels will be there.

Now is the time for positive energy. Let go of your fears by telling your angels about them. Know that they’re looking over you and remind yourself of that every time you see the number 666. 

It’s time for you to rid yourself of all the issues you have with your current situation. This angel message wants you to realize that if ever there was a time, it’s now.

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Angel Number 666 Spiritual Meaning

Material Affairs

Like every number, you can take 666 many ways spiritually. One of the most common spiritual meanings of number 666 is that you’re too wrapped up in yourself. Material affairs have taken over, and your day-to-day is the only thing on your mind.

It’s time for you to relax and reset. Take some time alone to work on your perspective. You need to find a balance to focus on your spiritual and earthly self.

Fear and Hardship

That brings us on to when you’ve seen number 666 while focused on that connection to universal and divine energies. In this case, your angels are sending you a message about your fears

Everyone falls into instability sometimes, but it doesn’t last forever. Plus, things rarely turn out to be as bad as they may seem at first glance. Just focus on yourself, your guides, then look into your situation with a clear head. 

Do research. Have some time to relax. Yes, several sources cite 666 as the number of the beast, but no beast is taking over your life any time soon. Your angels will be there for you instead.

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Another spiritual meaning of the number is that you have so many ideas that it’s leading to struggle. Just take your time, sort through them and, believe me, the results will be worth it.

Reach out to your angels for encouragement. Reach out to other spiritual people and loved ones. Don’t let your struggle get in the way of your life, yourself or your spirituality.

Angel Number 666 Love Meaning


Are your relationships equitable? All take and no give? Or what if the opposite is true? If you want this relationship to work out long-term, you need to balance things out. 

If you can’t balance it out, problems can rear their heads—anger, bitterness and jealousy, just to name a few.

Sadly, you can’t save every relationship. But if you’re fearing the worst for yours and seeing number 666, it’s a signal that it’s time to change or end things.


When number 666 crops up during a time of illness, it means that you should be caring for them. Your loved one is in need right now, and you have the power to show virtue and love by helping them. 

However, taking on the role of a caregiver isn’t suited to everyone’s character. It’s a demanding role emotionally and physically, which requires some swift, wise navigation. 

Be aware that your angels will prepare themselves to support you during these trying times. They’re sending the message to send you some divine wisdom and love, to give you the strength to carry on.


The last meaning number 666 holds in love is that, to be frank, things are stale in the bedroom. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a lack of bedroom action, but if you and your partner value a physical relationship, it’s time to get creative and adventurous.

For couples where physicality is a big part of their relationship, this is a breath of fresh air. New activities in the bedroom can light a whole new spark in a relationship.

Think of your new, creative and adventurous physical relationship as an emotional dial you’re turning up. It’ll help improve your connection and trust and let you two have more fun together.

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What Does 666 Mean Biblically?

It’s here that 999 is the number of the beast. Biblically, this number represents the so-called “end times,” an apocalypse of sorts. An evil with intentions to match apocalypse (sometimes called the revelation).

In modern times, people would assume this figure to be Lucifer, Satan or the antichrist from Christianity.

The number is often used in horror movies this way. So, maybe you think you see 666 because you saw a horror movie recently.

But there’s another two mentions of 666 outside of this in the Bible:

  • A total of 666 children of a man called Adonikam returned to Jerusalem after exile. 
  • Solomon would collect 666 gold talents every year.

If these meanings make you uncomfortable about seeing 666, don’t worry. Your angels aren’t likely to send you a biblical message unless you’re Joan of Arc or something. There are many lighter aspects of what 666 means, as you’ve already seen.

Other Reasons You See 666

One thing you should note is that the more the number appears, the more significance it has to your life right now. So if you see it everywhere, the number 666 could have multiple meanings:


You are 666. Everything in this world, including humans, is carbon-made. And you know what makes carbon? Six protons, neutrons and electrons.

Your soul chose to become this physical self; to live in this specific world. And everything you do in this world impacts others by a ripple effect. You have such an effect on other people that your very being is a spiritual one by default.

So when you see 666, it’s a sign that you need to align your physical body made of 666 with your higher self. It’s a sign to create a better world for yourself, starting with yourself. Create a better you through positive thoughts and balanced thinking.

Every time you see 666, think one positive thought. You’ll then be on the path to fulfilling a positive destiny here in this material world and aligning yourself with the universe.

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Remember Yourself

This world is full of goodies that can easily distract us, but these are small things compared to the bigger picture. When you see 666, you’re reminded that you’re more than just your outward appearance, material possessions and status in this world. You are infinite.

You deserve to follow the dreams you’ve been putting off. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, if only you try.

Although you’d do well to make sure your dreams aren’t selfish ones, make sure they contribute something to the world. Beauty, art, help, even something as simple as love. Keep those in mind as you pursue your passion.

Even if you fail, there’s no need to worry. Your angels are standing by, ready to help you. Plus, failure lets you reassess and discover the skills you need to develop when you try again.

You’re here to fulfill a greater purpose and reach your goals. So, remember yourself and grab the shining lights in the distance. Remember that you need to dream big, because you’re a limitless, spiritual being stuck in this world, for now.

What to Do When You See 666

Now you know the meaning behind 666, there are a few things to do. Some are specifically related to the exact meanings of the number. Others are more general that you can apply regardless of the reason 666 started appearing to you.

Align Yourself

The first thing you need to do is align yourself, as many of the reasons for seeing 666 have suggested. Align your higher and physical selves because this sign is a wakeup call. Change your thoughts, remember who you are and remember you have a greater purpose.

Listen to Yourself

If you can’t figure out the alignment, just listen to the signs your body gives you. Does your heart feel open? Do you feel like you have power and that you’re on top of the world? That could signal that you’re one with the universe, at peace and aligned within yourself.

The universe is flowing through you in vibrational harmony. Your thoughts vibrate. Your thoughts form the life you lead. So live your life to the fullest and be as positive as you can be.

Open Yourself Up

Let the universe see how thankful you are by eating right, working out and wearing the clothes you like. Sing, dance and do everything else you love. Surround yourself with the people you love.

Open yourself up to all the joys of the world, and the universe will see the effort you’ve made. This may be the key to finally aligning your higher and earthly selves.

The Final Fix

When it comes down to it, abiding by the angel number appearing to you is easy.

Change what needs changing, examine what needs to be examined, and remember that you’re the only one who controls your fate, so your destiny is always within reach. It may just be a long journey to get there.

Once you have the universe inside you and your higher self aligned with your earthly one, half of the battle is already won.

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