Tan Isace’s Mystical Adventure to Atlantis

The grand hotel in Llandudno as if it were in Atlantis

Experience a magical odyssey of mystery & adventure as we discover our Atlantlean origins. During a fun-filled weekend away to Llandudno (Sat 25th – Mon 27th May, B/H) we will discover how we are connected to Atlantis, our atlantean skills as well as re-charge our energy the Atlantean way.

During the weekend retreat we will: 

  • Explore the Myth of Atlantis: Journey from Plato’s original tales to contemporary interpretations, unlocking powerful insights to enhance your spiritual practice with Atlantean magic.
  • Embark on a Past Life Regression to Atlantis: Delve into your soul’s ancient connections to Atlantis, uncover hidden facets of your spirit, and gain clarity on your life’s challenges and talents.
  • Reclaim Ancient Atlantean Skills: Through guided regressions, awaken abilities like healing, seership, magic, voyaging, and talisman crafting, integrating these into your daily life for enhanced spiritual and personal growth.
  • Charge Crystals with Atlantean Energy: Select a crystal from local shops and imbue it with Atlantean energy during a beach ritual, creating a personal talisman for increased harmony and clarity.
  • Engage in Atlantean Rituals: Participate in healing, grounding, and manifestation rituals on the shores of Llandudno, guided by our Atlantean spirit guide, leveraging sea energies for profound spiritual and personal well-being.
  • Enjoy Social and Culinary Delights: Relish a fun night out or a relaxed evening with tarot, an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, and an enchanting night of myth and magic, plus optional morning meditations on the beach before breakfast.
  • And more…

Step into a weekend filled with adventure and spiritual discovery in Llandudno, where you will take part in activities that will connect you to the ancient world of Atlantis.

Through experiential rituals and deep regression sessions, you’ll recharge your energy the Atlantean way—aligning with the oceanic energies of the sea under the guidance of Tan, you mermaid spirit guide, and Matt, Mystic and spiritual explorer.

This retreat merges learning with the mystical allure of Atlantis, set against the backdrop of the Llandudno’s ocean’s soothing rhythms.

Dive into Atlantean rituals and oceanic wisdom over a transformative weekend, designed to deepen your connection to ancient Atlantean energies and inspire personal and spiritual growth.

Reserve your spot now and step into the myth of Atlantis. Look forward to a weekend of healing, discovery, and personal growth.

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We have booked 6 family rooms for 12 of us at The Grand Hotel, we will be sharing with one other. If you book with a friend we will pair you up otherwise we will pair you up with another person.

The cost is £345, payable at the time of booking. You will get; 2 nights in shared accommodation, breakfast, dinner on one night, all activities and a Chinese all you camn eat buffet. You will still need money from lunch on Sunday, snacks & drinks etc.

We are staying at The Grand Hotel, on the seafront overlooking the promenade.

We will meet at Tan Isace Studio at 2pm on Saturday 25th and to Landudno together in 2 taxis. We will be picked up in Llandudno at Noon and will aim to get back to Tan Isace on Monday 22nd at 2pm. 

You are welcome to leave you car parked next to Tan’s for the duration of the weekend.

The weekend does involve some walking to move between activities. Please ensure you bring sturdy, comfortable footwear that will enable you to walk distances. (not flip flops! – save those for the beach!)

You will need to bring some spending money for:

  • Dinner on Saturday Night (we will be eating street food on the Promenade, pick whatever takes you fancy)
  • Lunch on Sunday (we’ll find someone cheap and cheerful to get a sandwich on the go)
  • Drinks 
  • Crystals and souvenirs

On the Saturday night there is the option of going into town for a party with Tan (bars and karaoke etc) or a chilled one in with Matt playing with Tarot cards in The Grand Hotel bar. 

The price of the ticket includes breakfast at The Grand Hotel and a chinese buffet. 

There are only 12 spaces available and 3 have already been booked: if you want to come please use this link to reserve your space.

The cost of the workshop is £345, please pay in full at the time of book to secure your space. To secure your space please click here.

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