Soul Alchemy: Illuminating Your Shadows with Tarot

A person navigating the dark depths of their soul using the tarot cards as their lantern. the cards are spread out across the water lighting up the way.

Have you ever wondered if shadow work is just about navigating through the dark seas of your traumas alone, processing all the things, armed only with a journal? Let’s dispel that myth together.

Your shadows are not just remnants of your past; they are magical portals to wholesome healing and profound growth. Through tarot shadow readings, we don’t just peek into these shadows; we cast a brilliant, radiant light upon them revealing your places of personal power within the dark spaces of your mind, psyche and soul.

Imagine uncovering the invisible anchors that weigh you down. Together, we dive into your dark depths with torches, lighting up the landscape, revealing not just anchors and caves, but portals up and out, guiding you towards the surface.

Here’s what we’ll dive into during your reading:

Uncover: Identify your shadow aspects that are crying out for expression.

Recognize: Learn how these shadow aspects manifest and trip you up in your daily life.

Understand: Connect with your shadow’s needs, wants, and desires, fostering empathy for the parts of you that have been ignored, denied and forgotten about.

Empathize: Feel your shadow emotions to begin a healing dialogue with the overlooked pieces of your soul.

Integrate: Discover how to warmly welcome and integrate these aspects, even those you were taught to hate by the system.

Are you ready to emerge from the depths of your shadows, take a breath, then rise into your radiant light?

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Queries, Questions & Mysteries

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is a transformative journey that involves exploring the hidden parts of yourself – the emotions, desires, and aspects that you might be unaware of, have chosen to ignore or conditioned to hate. It’s about bringing these parts into the light, understanding them, and integrating them into your whole being. This process leads to profound self-awareness, healing, and growth, allowing you to live more fully and authentically.

How does Tarot help me see my shadows?

Tarot acts as a mirror to your soul, reflecting not just the parts of yourself you are aware of but also those lurking in your shadows. Through the symbolism and imagery of Tarot cards, we can uncover and interpret the messages your shadow self wants to communicate. This process sheds light on the aspects of your life needing attention and growth, guiding you towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Is this a psychic thing?

While Tarot reading involves intuition and a deep connection to the universal energies, it’s not “psychic” in the conventional sense. Tarot is also a reflective tool for insight and personal growth, helping to illuminate the wisdom already within you. Tarot readings can provide guidance and clarity, helping you to connect with your inner voice and the unseen aspects of your psyche.

Do I need to tell you anything, or can I just sit and listen as you read my tarot cards?

It’s entirely up to you. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Some people find that sharing their context or questions helps focus the reading and they discover exactly and specifically what they came for, while others prefer a hazy reading where nothing makes sense, so they say nothing and we let the cards speak for themselves. Either way, you’ll receive insights and guidance from the reading.

Do I have to turn up live, or can you record it and send it instead?

For those who prefer flexibility or are in different time zones, I offer the option to record the reading and send it to you. This way, you can listen to the guidance at your own pace and revisit it whenever you need. Of course, live sessions are available for a more interactive experience.

Will I see everything in my shadow in our reading?

A single tarot reading can provide profound insights, but shadow work is an ongoing process. We’ll likely touch on significant aspects of your shadow self that are most relevant to you at this moment. However, fully exploring your shadow can take time and may require multiple sessions or personal reflection.

Will you provide advice on how to work with what we discovered about my shadow in the reading?

Absolutely. The goal of these readings is not just to uncover your shadows but also to empower you with practical advice and strategies to integrate and work with what we discover. Together, we’ll explore ways to embrace these aspects of yourself, fostering growth and healing.

What support will I get if I panic in the days after my reading?

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed after uncovering deep, dark denied aspects of your psyche that you may be ashamed about. If you find yourself needing support post-reading, I offer follow-up support to help you process and integrate your discoveries. Remember, this journey is about gentle growth and self-love, and you’re not alone in it.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

Yes, of course. If within 7 days of receiving your reading you feel like you wasted your money, please feel free to ask for it back. I will send it back to you as fast as I can without any questions asked or strings attached.