1-2-1 Tarot Readings in Wrexham

Receive timeless guidance from the wisdom of the Tarot.

Are you at a crossroads? Do you feel a little lost? Or do you need clarity around certain issues in your life?

The Tarot can help.

This wonderful deck of 78 cards contains timeless wisdom about the situations we find ourselves in, the challenges we face, and the lessons we are called to learn.

Let the Tarot tell your story, illuminate your path and provide you with guidance and clarity so you can chart your way forward.

During your reading, Matt will explore how the past is influencing the present, how the energies around you right now are colouring your experiences, and how you can make the best choices for the future. You can also ask questions about situations and circumstances where you need guidance and clarity. 

readings are for entertainment purposes only

Tarot Readings in Wrexham: Location

Tarot readings are delivered in person by Matt Beech at the Tan Isace Piercing and Holistics Academy in Wrexham. Located on Holt Road (number 85), There’s free parking next to the door.

Tarot Readings in Wrexham: Price

The readings cost £40 and last one hour. Pre-booking is essential. To pre-book your reading click here to go to the booking system.

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