Energy Transmutation Ritual

Energy Transmutation

A cosmic cleaning process that will take your negativity energy, transmute it into positive energy and gift it back to the universe to be used again.

Transmutation is an alchemical process which transforms one type of energy or matter into another.

Everything begins as energy. The energy is experessed, according to its nature, which then takes physical shape in time and space.

To avoid manifesting negative things and situations, it’s key to transmute negative energy into positive energy. 

This ritual is designed to take your negative energy, in a loving embrace, as you use alchemy to transmute it into positive energy before gifting it back to the universe to be used again.

In this guided audio, you will be guided to use your imagination and perform this ritual in your mind. You’ll be able to do it anytime, anywhere.

Through a combination of meditation, visualisation and imagination, you’ll connect with cosmic energy so you can perform transmutation which will bring your energy back into harmony so beautiful manifestations flow through you out into the world.

 It’s simple to do. And once you master it you’ll have an esoteric technique that you can use whenever you want to feel revitalised & rejuvenated.

How to Buy the Ritual

Price: £7.77 GBP (approx $9.50)

After purchasing, you’ll receive a 12-minute mp3 where I guide you through the ritual. You’ll also receive a short pdf containing some additional tips, tricks and thoughts.

Use my contact page to e-mail me directly and ask for this ritual.