Magical Tarot Reading

This Tarot reading is for you if you’re looking for magical guidance from the Universe. 

The reading uses an intuitive tarot spread to divine guidance from the ‘verse that will help you rediscover your magic, whatever your circumstances, so you can see from a new perspective and transform your reality from the inside out.

Questions that work well for this reading include:

  • Blocks or challenges you are facing
  • Decisions you are trying to make
  • Navigating difficult times
  • How to connect more with your talents, gifts and abilities
  • Living from a place of love
  • How to enter into a relationship with spirit
  • Anything about starting your holistic health & spiritual business

Please do not ask questions that relate to any of the following:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Legal issues

Anything about another person – e.g. what someone else is thinking or feeling

Questions about “what will happen” or make predictions

All readings are given in the spirit of fortune creation, not fortune telling. Fate is not fixed. 

How your reading works:

Purchase the reading by completing the Paypal checkout below ($49)

I will be in touch shortly to confirm your question

I will cast your cards, and pass on what I receive from the universe via email to you (you will receive a minimum of 500 words)

You will receive your answers within 7 days

There is a limit as to how many readings I can do in one week, so if this is listed as sold out please check back again soon, or subscribe to the newsletter to be

notified when readings are available again.


“This was the first time ever I consult anyone about my life! I absolutely gained some high level of insights about myself which was beyond my expectations as I was just looking for an approval on what I want to do Thanks a lot, Matt.” – Malinor C

“Matt helped put my mind at rest today whilst going through very troubling times. BIG Thank you Matt” – Rayma Pons

“Fantastic and very on point and detailed reading. Highly recommend Matt to anyone.” – Beatka M