Personalised Email Tarot Readings

Buy your personalised Tarot email reading, written by Matt.

You can either purchase a general reading where Matt will use the Tarot to explore where you’ve come from, where you are now and where you’re headed.

Or your reading can focus on specific areas of your life; career, romance, spirituality etc

You can also ask specific questions. Please note that all readings are given in the spirit of fortune creation, not fortune-telling. Fate is not fixed. So please don’t ask “what will happen” questions.

Questions that work well for Tarot seek to help you with:

  • Blocks or challenges you are facing
  • Decisions you are trying to make
  • Navigating difficult times
  • Connecting more with your soul-inspired truths

Please do not ask questions that relate to any of the following:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Legal issues
  • Other people’s thoughts and feelings

How your reading works:

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I will be in touch shortly via email to help you decide on your question

I will cast your cards, and pass on my interpretations via email to you

You will receive your answers within 7 days


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“Matt helped put my mind at rest today whilst going through very troubling times. BIG Thank you Matt” – Rayma Pons

“Fantastic and very on point and detailed reading. Highly recommend Matt to anyone.” – Beatka M

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Payments are via Paypal. If you don’t have an account you can pay as a guest with card. If you are outside the US it will handle the currency exchange for you. 

Your reading will be delivered via email in a pdf 

You will receive a minimum of 500 words in response to your question. 

There is a limit as to how many readings I can do in one week, so if this is listed as sold out please check back again soon, or leave your email to be notified when readings are available again.

Please contact Matt if you have any further questions before booking.