Get to Know your Inner-Self

You know the stories you tell yourself are disempowering, and, the way you engage with life is not getting the results you want. You want to know why.

I can help you explore your inner world using the magical imagery of the Tarot. By casting a Tarot spread, you get instant access to a map of your inner life and you come to understand the drives and desires that are powering your present predicaments.

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life, tripping yourself up, as you reach for the stars.

So let’s bring to light, the major themes that are painting your inner world. And through awareness of self, you can begin to become mindful of how your inner world creates your experience of the outer world.

So that you can spot the goblin before he’s tripped you up.

What do you get in your reading?

This reading lasts approximately 1 hour. It is delivered live via zoom or skype.

During your reading we will cast a Tarot spread that will help us explore:

  • Where you are currently focusing your energies
  • The dynamic tension of your present reality
  • The foundations of your life strategies
  • The receptive and active sides of your nature
  • Your goals, aims, ideals and higher self
  • Your self-narrative and personal story
  • How you integrate with your community and society
  • Your hopes and fears

And by exploring these elements you will become aware of parts of your spirit that need healing in order to live a fulfilling life.

Your reading will be recorded and available for you to download shortly after. You will also receive a short written summary as well as a personal affirmation that will help you to remain mindful of what you tell yourself to be true.


£79 (GBP – The payment button below will auto convert for you)

To book your reading, please pay via the payment button below. Matt will shortly be in contact to arrange a time and date for your reading.


“Is it possible to focus this reading on a specific area of my life? E.g. Love life or Career?

Yes. It’s possible to use the same Tarot spread to ask the same questions of your love life, career, travel aspirations and more

Will you predict the future?

No. We will examine the energy and general themes of the results you get and will continue to get in life if you stay as you are.

How does being mindful of my inner-world help me?

Reality unfolds in a poetic way that seeks to make manifest conscious desires and wishes. Your future is inextricably linked to your thoughts. What you think informs what you do, which influences the results you get in life.