Practical Magic Vol 1: Finding the Magic Within

Magic transforms your reality using intention. It is borne out of the shamanic idea that we dream our reality into existence. And it is happening whether you are conscious of it or not. Every thought that crosses your mind, ripples into reality and comes to contribute to its effects on both your personal experience of reality as well as the collective consensual reality.

And to be magical is to intentionally use your dreams to bring your desires from the field of potential to the world of the physical. Aligning your inner-world with the outer-world. (As above, So below)

Volume 1 of Practical Magic is designed to introduce you to magical principles, occult rituals, esoteric exercises, mystical musings as well as ideas from today’s psychological innovators that will enable you to start working with magical internal forces so you can shape your outer experience of reality. 

Topics taught include: 

  • Identifying with awareness – you are not the mind – cognitive defusion
  • Bringing awareness to your internal world
  • Imagination, inner vision, and creative impulses
  • How to cultivating new intentions 
  • Listening for the signals
  • Useful beliefs for magical living
  • Biases – wishful thinking – spiritual bypassing 

Release Date: Anticipated, Spring 2021.