Soul Urge Number 7

Do you know what your soul craves more than anything else in the world? Or what motivates your most important decisions in life? The ancient mystical science of numerology can help you answer all those questions. Numerology can also help you discover your ‘soul urge number‘ using your birth name.

How does numerology work? The Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that all things, even God himself, could be expressed as a number. From ancient Mayas to Egyptians, cultures all around the globe have tried to unlock the biggest mysteries of the Universe using numbers.

Western numerologists have expanded upon the early ideas of Pythagoras. Using different numerology methods, you can now calculate important numbers for your life. These include your ‘karmic debt number’, your ‘life path number‘ and your ‘soul urge number‘. In this article we’ll look at soul urge number 7. But before we dive in, you might want to learn your other numbers too. It’s useful to consider the meanings of each number in your chart in relation to each other as you explore your numerology profile. If you haven’t seen your chart yet, click here for a free numerology reading. Based on your name and date of birth, you’ll discover your core numbers. Helping you understand how each number brings a different energy to your personality blueprint.

What is the soul urge number?

The soul urge number in numerology reveals the deepest yearning of your soul. This is also known as your heart’s desire. This soul number is locked within your birth name and reveals your innermost nature. Discovering your soul urge number using numerology can help you choose a life path with most fulfilment and happiness.

The soul urge varies from person to person. Some people value their work and career above anything else. They’re willing to sacrifice their time, even relationships, to attain power and material ‘things’.

Others bear huge sacrifices worth for their friends, family and loved ones. They let their heart lead the way in life, and base important decisions on intuition and emotions.

Other people have a sharp and keen mind, set on learning. They let their minds lead the way, and they care for others. But they may struggle to leave their comfort zone when it comes to expressing feelings.

For deeper insight into your personality, click here for a free numerology reading and discover how your soul urge number influences and interacts with the other numbers in your numerology chart.

Numerology doesn’t judge either path as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. For each person, nature has instilled a different soul urge. Your name can reveal this number.

How is the soul urge calculated?

Pythagoras was interested in the relationship between the vibrations of musical instruments and numbers.

Similarly, to calculate your soul urge number, you need to add up the values of the vowel sounds in your birth name. It’s simple and easy to do. Follow the instructions in this soul urge number calculator.

What does soul urge number 7 mean?

If your heart’s desire is 7 then you are most likely an independent and self-motivated person.

7s are in this life to find answers to deep and meaningful questions.

You are set on a path of self-development.

To see whether you will be a leader, follower or hermit when it comes to your quest for answers, look to the other numbers in your numerology chart. Click here for a free numerology reading and decode the depths of your personality.

Luckily, your sharp, analytical mind enables you to process information quickly. You may be spiritual but you’re definitely not religious.

Equally, anyone with number 7 doesn’t take advice from just anyone. That’s because everything that 7s believe must be based on logic and reason.

7s have many remarkable talents. One of those is asking meaningful questions and delving deeply into issues that others may skim on the surface.

7s see life as a study, always seeking out ways to gain more wisdom. However, just like any other number, 7s have certain challenges to overcome to reach their soul’s full potential. Since your mental abilities are so developed, the biggest challenge for you is getting in touch and understanding your feelings.

Above all, you need to develop trust in relationships with others.

To go deeper into how your soul urge number of 7 will play out in your life, take a look at the other numbers in your personal numerology. You might find that your urge of a 7 is balanced by your life path or destiny numbers. Click here for a free numerology reading which will calculate these numbers and explain them to you.

Career choices for soul urge number 7

Is your soul urge is 7 then you are always seeking out the truth.

And you’re on a mission to gain more knowledge.

Your sharp analytical mind helps you to process information and draw logical conclusions. This makes you well-suited for a career in science, academia, engineering or IT. (In essence, any field where you can continually find solutions to problems.)

Since you’re more of a hermit than a social butterfly, people-focused or teamwork jobs may not be the best fit.

People with soul urge number 7 are not very interested in sports. They are not too fussed about money and acquiring ‘things’ either. Equally, they are not very interested in politics but they do have a strong sense of justice. Crowd activities, parties and fashion trends are not for 7s. They prefer to surround themselves with few, usually eccentric, people.

Your career choices will also be influenced by your destiny and life path numbers. Its the interaction between these numbers that shows you where you will excel and where you may fail. Click here for a free numerology reading and discover the other numbers that make up your personality and career potential.

Relationships for soul urge number 7

You may only have one friend or life partner whom you fully trust.

As a highly independent person, you would get smothered by a partner who is too needy. Your partner also needs to be on the same level mentally as you. (Otherwise the relationship won’t feel stimulating enough for you.)

But even with the most compatible partner, relationships can baffle you. 7s can sometimes feel like no one in this world understands them. They prefer to get lost in their own thoughts than deal with powerful feelings or intimacy.

If you’re a 7, you need to learn to trust. Even though your feelings may confuse you, try to express them in front of your partner. People with soul urge 7 may not have a large circle of friends. But it’s important that you let your closest and dearest see your authentic self. It’s easy for 7s to retrieve into their own thoughts and become a recluse. So you need to make an effort to maintain and foster your most important relationships.

Your relationships may also be influenced by your attitude and personality numbers. These numbers show us how we relate to others and how they perceive us. To discover these numbers, click here for a free numerology reading which explores the core numbers in your numerology chart.

Perfectionism in soul urge number 7

Those with soul urge number 7 in their name have a tendency towards perfectionism.

They are always seeking more knowledge. However, they may not always be tactical about how they express that knowledge. 7s can come across as ‘know-it-alls’. Paired with their need for facts and little regard for emotions, 7s may even sound harsh. In addition, 7s are looking for answers to questions that are so deep and important that they may never find the answer. This can lead 7s down a track of cynicism and even depression. Anyone with number 7 as their soul urge needs to learn that it’s ok to stop the search and let some questions go.

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