Soul Urge Number 33

Do you know what your heart desires more than anything? Or what motivates the most important decisions in your life? Or what career path could make you most fulfilled?

Don’t worry if you don’t. Numerology can help work out your heart’s desire. It can put you back on the path that will bring you most fulfilment. Using numerology, you can calculate important aspects of your life. For example, numerology can help you work out your Karmic Debt, your Life path number and your Soul Urge number. Each reveals important truths about your soul and your purpose in this life. Whilst this article focuses on your soul urge number, its best to know all your numbers so you can understand their meaning in the context of your full numerology chart. If you haven’t seen your numerology chart yet, click here for a free numerology reading based on your name and date of birth.

What is the meaning of your soul urge number?

This core number can reveal the deepest yearning of your soul. As one of the core numbers in numerology, it can help you understand your heart’s desire.

For example, some people invest all their energy into the pursuit of money and power. And they tend to excel in career sectors such as finance or politics.

Others have a sincere urge to help others. They have a strong innate calling to act in love and enlighten the world.

Numerology doesn’t judge either path as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Each person simply has a different soul urge.

Among other aspects, the soul urge number can reveal what career will make you most fulfilled. It can also explain what you seek in romantic relationships.

How do I find my soul number?

Pythagoras, the father of Western numerology, wanted to explore the link between the vibrations of musical instruments and numbers. The method for calculating this number is rooted in these principles. To work out your soul desire number, you need to add up the values of the vowels in your birth name.

You can do so by using a simple numerology chart. If you wish to calculate your soul urge, you can use my soul urge number calculator.

Master numbers in numerology

In numerology, most numbers are reduced to a single digit. Except for 11, 22 and 33. These are known as ‘master numbers’.

If you have a master number in your chart, you may have a strong feeling that you were born to do something special. The energy of any master number is powerful. Master number in particular 33 is very rare. Handling this energy can be challenging.

What does soul urge number 33 mean?

33 is known as the ‘master teacher’, and it’s rare.

People with this soul urge are drawn to serving others and the world at large.

They express love with their actions. They strive for harmony and loyalty in their relationships. They honour human values and the human soul. Of all the numbers, master number 33 is the most spiritually evolved which is why it is known as the ‘master teacher’.

But its special talents may not always be obvious. In some people these spiritual attributes don’t manifest until they reach the age of 35.

People with heart’s desire 33 tend to lack personal ambition. Instead, they want to uplift other people, the world and humanity at large. They tend to be very devoted to serving this purpose. However, like any other number, this soul urge presents its own unique challenges.

You might also find that if you have master numbers appear elsewhere in your personal numerology chart then your divine destiny has a greater spiritual dimension. You have the potential to do great things. To find out if your numerology chart contains more master numbers, click here for a free numerology reading. It will calculate your full numerology profile for you, based on your name and date of birth.

Careers for soul urge number 33

People with this soul desire number have a profound need to serve others through love.

They always have a compassionate ear for listening.

They possess a great deal of understanding and compassion.

They find it easy to step into another person’s shoes and see their predicament. A person with 33 is usually an amazing listener. And if they’re willing to put in hard work, and learn more about psychology, they can make an amazing counselor.

These people also possess artistic talents. They desire harmony. This makes them strive to create an artistic, healing, and harmonious atmosphere. (This goes for their home as well as their work space.)

However, being so sensitive, they may lack a belief in their own artistic talents. They need to overcome their doubts and believe in their talents.

Although their are highly sensitive, number 33 may find themselves in leadership positions. This happens when they get involved with a project they feel personally drawn to.

Romantic relationships for soul urge number 33

People with this soul urge are loyal and compassionate.

They value an intimate relationship, their friends and family above all else.

They invest a lot of effort into their family unit. But because they lack personal ambitions, they focus on the needs of others. Sometimes too much!

They may get too enmeshed in other people’s problems.

People trust them and often lean on them for support. However, they need to learn to detach at times, or else their love and affection will smother those who they love. Their need for peace, beauty and harmony can make them turn a blind eye to their partner’s negative sides.

Due to their patience and empathy, it can take a long time for a 33 to end a relationship, even if it’s no longer serving them.

Life-long challenges for soul urge number 33

Though rewarding, it’s never easy having a master number for a soul urge.

Its powerful energy can lead to nervous tension. Or the feeling that you’re never doing enough. Often you may feel like you’re not living up to your full potential.

At times, you may feel like you have an important mission to fulfil in this world. This can make you incredibly devoted. But when the world inevitably disappoints, you may feel like it doesn’t deserve your efforts. At times, you may struggle with perfectionism. You may impose your high moral standards on those around you.

Though you may not always want to, life is calling you to take on greater responsibility than others. It is challenging for you to step into a leadership position that allows you to serve the world in some way. The only way to experience internal peace is to not resist this calling.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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