Soul urge number 2

Numbers contain important truths about the Universe. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that everything, even God himself, could be expressed as a number.

To this day, the Pythagorean system is the most popular form of Numerology used in the West, compared to others.

Since those early days, Western numerologists have expanded on Pythagoras’ number systems.

They have developed a method for calculating the ‘soul urge number‘.

Discovering this number can help you to understand the main motivation behind the most important decisions in your life. However to understand what part it plays in your life, consult a numerology chart. Then you will be able to compare your numerology numbers and develop an inner-awareness. If you haven’t seen your numerology chart yet then click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover how each of your core numbers creates your unique personality blueprint.

What does your soul urge number mean?

Have you ever wondered why you’ve pursued a certain career? Or why you like certain genres of film while disliking others? It may be down to your soul urge number. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to the heart’s desires.

What the soul wishes to achieve differs from person to person. For example, your soul urge may be at odds with the society’s or your family’s definition of success.

But being in tune with the desire of your soul can lead you towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

For example, people with soul urge number 1 tend to be strong leaders. This quality is highly valued in Western societies.

Those with soul urge number 2 tend to shy away from leadership positions. This doesn’t mean that they are not succeeding if they choose to follow their heart and assume a more submissive role. It simply means that they choose to follow the calling of their soul rather than following others.

How is the soul urge number calculated?

Pythagoras wanted to explore the relationship between vibrations of musical instruments and numbers.

Similarly, the method for calculating your soul urge number involves adding up the values of the vowel sounds in your birth name. You don’t have to be a numerologist with years’ worth of experience to do this. The method is very simple.

What does soul urge number 2 mean?

Also known as the hearts desire number 2, this soul number carries an energy that’s almost in drastic opposition to soul urge number 1. Number ‘1’ is all about individuality, self-assertion and leadership. Whereas ‘2’ is concerned with balance, harmony and sensitivity. Every great leader needs a supporter in life — someone they can lean on and trust. Rather than being a leader, number 2 is more of the ‘sidekick’ type.

2 values cooperation and friendship. Compared to others, they may prefer a submissive or subservient role in relationships.

People with soul urge number 2 tend to be highly sensitive. They trust their feelings more than rational thought processes. And rightly so, because they have a powerful intuition. While they are social beings, they can be prone to introversion.

Rather than desiring materialistic things, number 2s greatly value art forms of all kinds.

They are moved by art, music, stories and films more deeply than other people.

Love is an important aspect of life for anyone with number 2 soul urge. You could even say that number 2 is always on the look-out for the perfect partner. Not only in romantic relationships but other areas of life, including work.

As with any soul urge number, 2 encompasses specific lessons that you came into this life to learn. And while 2 has many powerful attributes, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Anyone with this number must strive to overcome these challenges to learn the lessons which their soul has set out.

Knowing your soul urge number will help you decode the rest of your personality profile. Your name and date of birth can be used to calculate a full numerology profile which outlines your divine destiny and a potential blueprint for your life. To discover your other numbers, click here for a free numerology reading. It will decode your chart and explain your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents and abilities.

Devotion and passion

Number 2s are devoted and passionate people.

They value love above material things and they have a strong need to be loved.

Thanks to their unwavering devotion, they can be a real source of strength to their partners. They are usually happy to compromise in order to avoid conflict. These abilities can lead to a fulfilling long-term relationship. (Especially with the more dominant types.)

2s may prefer the submissive role in relationships, shying away from the spotlight. However, always remember that your love is precious. Choose to place your love and trust in the right people. These are the people who appreciate and value your approach to life. If a friend or a romantic partner does betray your trust, you may feel like your very foundations have been shaken. This is because relationships are of paramount importance to you.

Grappling with self-doubt

The heightened sensitivity that 2s experience can often lead to self-doubt.

Due to their ability to anticipate the needs of others, they run the risk of becoming ‘people pleasers”. Their sensitivity can cause emotional imbalance, resulting in mood swings or excessive neediness.

If you have soul urge number 2, you may undervalue your contribution and constantly compare yourself to others. You may also worry about whether people like you. Try to remember that those who really know you, value your abilities. While you may not be the dominating type, you are a source of strength to many others.

Powerful intuition

Sometimes you may wish that you were less sensitive compared to everyone else.

But remember that your heightened sensitivity is the gateway into your remarkable intuition.

On an intuitive level, you know how things work. In order to tap into your intuition, you need to let go of doubt and trust yourself. Utilising your intuition can also help guide the people you love.

Those in leadership roles will value your wise counsel. Try to make some space to tap into your intuition on a daily basis. Journaling and meditating can help you do this. It may not happen instantly. But trust the process and you’ll soon be able to connect with your powerful intuition.

The need for balance

You are a born peacemaker.

You have an innate need for balance in all things. That’s why you may often assume the role of a mediator when two friends or family members are fighting. You will strive to resolve the conflict in a way that leaves both parties satisfied. But the need for balance paired with your sensitivity may hinder you from expressing your true opinions. Especially when a heated debate arises. Trust your gut and trust that people will like you even if you oppose their opinions.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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