Soul Urge Number 11

Numbers can reveal fascinating truths about the Universe. Numerology is the study of these numbers. Many numerology systems exist around the world today. These include Chinese numerology, the Chaldean, Abjad and Pythagorean systems.

Numerology can help you to calculate key aspects of your life. For example, you can work out your ‘karmic debt number’, your ‘life path number‘ and your ‘soul urge number‘. Each soul number reveals important truths about your soul and your purpose in this life.

What is the soul urge number?

The soul urge number is one of the core numbers in numerology. It can reveal the deepest yearning of your soul. Knowing your soul urge number can help you to understand the motivation behind everything you do.

For example, some people may have a strong desire to become a leader. They invest all their energy into the pursuit of money, power and a leadership position. They may become successful leaders in sectors like finance or politics.

Others may value harmony in relationships above anything else. They want to make the world a better place. They feel most fulfilled in professions that allow them to heal or serve others in some way.

The soul urge number can also reveal what you’re like around others. It can explain how you see the world and what you desire from a romantic partner.

But before you dive in, its important to know that your soul urge number is just one number in your numerology chart. You have to consider your full profile to understand who you are and where you’re going according to numerology. If you haven’t seen your numerology chart yet, then click here for your free numerology reading based on your name and date of birth.

How is the soul urge calculated?

Pythagoras wanted to explore the link between the vibrations of musical instruments and numbers. The method for calculating your soul urge number is rooted in these principles. 

To work out your soul urge number, you need to add up the values of the vowels in your birth name. If you wish to calculate your soul urge, follow the simple instructions in this article.

Master numbers in numerology

In numerology, most numbers are reduced to a single digit. Except for 11, 22 and 33.

These are known as ‘master numbers’. If a master number appears in your chart, then you have a strong feeling that you were born to do something special. And that’s probably true. The powerful energy of a master number is there to help you to attain this goal. But handling this energy can be challenging. Read on to find out more about the attributes and challenges of the 11 number.

What does soul urge number 11 mean?

Soul urge number 11 is a master number.  

In Tarot, the energy of 11 is associated with the Justice Card. This card positively affects all the surrounding cards. Those with soul urge 11 have a similar effect on others around them. If this number appears in your soul urge, then you’re driven by a desire for harmony and spiritual growth.

You have a strong awareness that you have a purpose to fulfill in this life. You are very sensitive, able to sense even the subtlest thoughts and feelings of those around you. If you have soul number 11, you need grounding, or else you may turn into a people-pleaser.

You tend to let your heart lead the way, and that’s good because your intuition is so powerful. Material things don’t interest you much. Rather, you’re attracted to philosophy, a quest for enlightenment and healing.

You might also find that if you have master numbers elsewhere in your numerology chart, that your divine destiny and spiritual quest takes on more special meanings. To find out if you have more master numbers in your chart, click here for a free numerology reading. It will use your name and date of birth to calculate your full numerology profile and explore the hidden messages in your personality code.

Career paths for soul urge number 11

Having a soul urge number 11 is powerful.

People with number 11 are highly creative, intelligent and energetic. But this powerful energy comes at a cost. People with soul urge number 11 are often born in troubled families.

You may have experienced immense pain when you were growing up. Your keen intuition makes you wise beyond your years. You can tune the energy of people around you and understand the cause of their suffering.

You may have had a troubled parent, and the desire to heal them may remain with you for the rest of your life. You would gain satisfaction by pursuing a healing profession. Or by pursuing a career that allows you to serve others or the world at large. Your desire for the greater good and making the world a better place makes you a good match for the charity sector.

You are also very attracted to spirituality. In addition, you have a well-developed intuition and sensitivity. This makes you a good match for the esoteric sciences, theology or the occult. Whatever you do, it’s very important that you find a career that focuses on a goal beyond yourself. If you don’t, the powerful energy of 11 can turn inwards, manifesting itself as fear and phobias.

Romantic relationship and love for soul urge number 11

People with number 11 in the soul urge are very devoted to their partner and friends.

You value close and loving relationships. You crave companionship, and there is nothing you won’t do for your partner.

You want to have a deep bond with another, but not in the traditional sense. 11s are attracted to spirituality. So the relationship they crave most is a strong spiritual bond.

This desire is so powerful that you need to be wary of falling into a cult or following a phony guru. In a romantic relationship, you are likely to seek a resolution to any conflict. You strive to create a peaceful, harmonious environment at home. But you may have very high moral standards for yourself.

You have a keen sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and you may unwittingly impose the same standards on your partner. When this happens, try to relax your standards. Remember that you and your partner are only human after all.

Taking care of yourself

The energy of any master number can be overpowering.

This is especially true for number 11. Your intelligence and creativity are almost electric, allowing you to find solutions quickly.

However, your well-developed sensitivity can throw you off-course at times.

This is why grounding is so important for 11s. Yoga is a good way to satisfy the need for grounding and attaining spiritual growth. Make sure you get plenty of rest and take care of your body by observing a healthy diet. Living in a peaceful environment that is free of conflict is also important to you.

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also plan your future. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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