Soul Urge Number 1

Many ancient civilisations, including the Egyptians and the Mayas, used number systems to gain a deeper understanding of the Universe.

The Greek mathematician Pythagoras believed that “all is number” or “God is number”. Different numerology systems exist to this day. These include the Chaldean system, the Abjad system and Chinese numerology. But the most popular form of Western Numerology remains the Pythagorean system. In the Pythagorean system, your soul urge number is 1 of the core numbers that make up your numerology chart. You have many other numbers which all have a part to play in how your life unfolds. If you haven’t seen your numerology chart yet, then click here for a free numerology reading. You’ll discover how your soul urge brings a different energy to the other numbers that make up your personality.

What does your soul urge number mean?

Soul numbers reveal the main motivation behind everything you do.

For example, some people may have a soul urge to obtain material wealth. They may be destined to become leaders in sectors like finance or politics.

Even though this may be the definition of success in our society, it is not a career that everyone aspires to.

The soul urges for others maybe towards healing professions. Knowing your soul urge can help you figure out your heart’s desire that will lead you to happiness.

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How is soul urge number calculated?

It is very easy to calculate. Your soul urge can be calculated using the vowel sounds in your birth name and a numerology chart. You need to include any middle names. This article explains how to use a soul urge number calculator.

What does Soul Urger Number 1 mean?

Soul urge number 1 can reveal a lot about your heart’s desire and what makes you happiest in this life. As with all soul urge numbers, both positive and negative traits are manifested in soul urge number 1.

Strong leadership abilities

As you may expect from ‘1’, this number demands independence, individuality and originality.

You’re are a born leader, not a follower.

Soul urge number 1 encompasses strong leadership abilities, creative talents and high standards.

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You can wield powerful energies with your strong will. Perhaps even bend situations and circumstances to get the results you’re after. You live life on your own terms. Such a fountain of high power energy makes it easy for you to manifest whatever you set your mind to.

Soul urge number 1 enables you to make difficult decisions that others may shy away from.

People trust your judgements and admire you. Some may even envy you. Most of them like to follow you. Make sure you are always in alignment with your own wisdom and the purpose of your soul to manifest these. And if you are willing to work hard, then success will come naturally to you.

Whilst your heart and soul may want to lead, be mindful of your other numerology numbers and the influence they have over your life. Whilst your heart may want one thing, your destiny may want another and it’s key to find harmony and balance between your numbers. For a personal overview of all your core numbers, click here for a free numerology reading. It will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, talents and abilities.

Charismatic personality

Whether you’ve done it consciously or not, you may often find yourself at the centre of attention.

This is because ‘1’ encompasses two very positive characteristics. While you do work hard and like to lead, you are also thoughtful of others. This is because, as a good leader, you feel a responsibility towards anyone who’s on your team. Besides, you have a compelling personality. You are original, and your demeanour demands respect, which often makes you the life of the party.

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Infectious enthusiasm

You’re highly intelligent, which means that you don’t get excited about everything. You’re likely to research topics deeper than other people.

You only commit to things you absolutely believe in. But once you do, you’re able to infect everyone with your healthy enthusiasm.

As a true leader, you follow your own ideas in life. You like to make up your own mind, some of your views may be quite controversial. But it may appear so because other people have not properly looked into a certain topic. Others tend to appreciate the healthy dose of controversy. You’re able to enrich a debate with your unique perspective.

Confidence vs. arrogance

The role of a leader is not without its shadow aspects.

Often, as someone with 1 for soul urge, you may believe that you are the only qualified person in a group of people. This gives you the confidence you need to get people to follow your ideas. However, it’s worth remembering that not everyone wants to be led.

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Perhaps this is more true with your loved ones at home. Your leadership qualities may be unparalleled at work. But different rules apply at home. While you may be number 1 in your career, you may need to soften a little at home. You may have a rigid outlook on things but you need to soften a little. Be willing to compromise when it comes to intimate relationships.

Competitive streak

You love to compete (partly because you know you’re convinced you’re going to win even before you’ve started). However, if you have soul urge number 1 in your name, you may struggle to contain your competitive streak from other people.

It may bring out some negative parts of your personality and hinder your life path. Try to let go of winning sometimes.

To find balance, look to the other numbers in your numerology chart. To see where other energies may bring balance to your shadow aspects, click here for a free numerology reading.

Developing your authentic self

The leadership qualities of 1 are best expressed from a place of authenticity.

You have an endless pool of creativity and innovation within you.

If you have soul urge number 1, you have an inherent need to be a ‘trailblazer’ and go where others have not dared to go yet.

Throughout life, it is important that you get in touch with your authentic self. This will help you to fully manifest the power of number 1. Once you discover your authentic self, you’ll be able to engage others to follow you. Otherwise, you may end up ruling with an ‘iron fist’ because your need to be a leader will manifest either way.

Your authentic self maybe a little eccentric compared to other people. But that’s ok because you have such a magnetic personality that soon everyone will be on your side! If life knocks you down, you need to learn to quickly get back up on your feet again. And keep pushing yourself for those leadership roles. Don’t let fear hold you back – reach for the moon and land on the stars!

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