Find Your Soul Urge Number

Few of us know, with absolute certainty, what it is we came here to do.

You may have known it as a child. But life presents us with so many distractions that it’s easy to stray off our path. And we end up doing what society wants rather than what our soul wants. But how do we discover our soul urge in the first place? Well, the good news is that your soul urge (also known as the heart’s desire number) is examined in your numerology chart.

What is your Soul Urge Number?

You can calculate different aspects of your life using numerology.

You can find out what your Life Path number or Karmic Lesson number is. And you can use this method to calculate your soul urge number.

You can do this by using a simple soul urge number calculator. This soul number calculator will reveal your heart’s desire number. It will explain what your soul and heart crave more than anything in this world. It may not give you an immediate answer to every question life presents. But it will indicate the direction you should take, to fulfil your soul’s mission.

How do you calculate your soul urge number?

Either use the calculator below to learn any soul urge number, or read on to learn how to calculate it yourself.

Soul Urge Number Calculator

Enter your full name below including any middle names and press calculate to instantly find your soul urge number.

All you’ll need is your full name. (Not the name you may have now, but your birth name.) The term ‘full name’ is important here. If you had a middle name, include that as part of your birth name. You don’t need your birthdate to calculate your heart’s desire number. But you will need a numerology chart to add up all the vowels in your name. That’s right – you only need the vowels to calculate your heart’s desire number!

Write down your full birth name (don’t forget to include any middle name). For example, if your name is EMILY, the middle name JENNIFER and last name STONE, then you would write all these names on a single line like this: EMILYJENNIFERSTONE

You then need to identify the vowels in your birth name. Why are vowels important? Because, as opposed to the sharp-edged consonants, the vowel sound allows the breath to flow freely. Breath, Spirit and air moves through the vowels, expressing their ageless essence.

Each vowel sound has a specific numeric value.

A = 1

U = 3

E = 5

O = 6

I = 9

Y = 7 (sometimes…)

A quick note on the vowel sound ‘y’. It acts differently to other vowels. Sometimes it can be a consonant, so it only needs to be counted in the instances when it represents a vowel. For example, in the name ‘Emily,’ the letter ‘y’ is considered a vowel. You can find out more examples of the cases when ‘y’ is a vowel in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You only need to count it if it appears to function as a vowel.

Look at the numerology chart. Then write down the corresponding number above each vowel in your name. Finally, add all the vowels up.

5+9+7+5+9+5+6+5 = 51


Keep adding up the vowels in your name, until you get a single digit. In the example above 5+1 = 6. The numerology soul number for EMILYJENNIFERSTONE is 6. With the exceptions of master numbers 11 and 22, your heart’s desire number will always be a single digit. It’s also important to note that there is no soul number 10 (it would need to be reduced to a single digit 1+0 = 1).

Calculate your heart’s desire number. Then, read on to find out the meaning behind your heart’s desire number.

Soul urge number 1

Soul urge number one signifies independence and self-sufficiency. It is the sign of a great leader. Someone who’s confident in their abilities, unafraid to make difficult decisions.

If you have a heart’s desire number 1, then your soul urge is to be a leader.

But soul number 1 is not without its challenges. A strong leader requires a loyal following. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your commitment inspires others to action. However, you may come into conflict with people who don’t like being led. If your soul number is one, you may also have a competitive streak, which may need to be tamed at times.

Learn more about soul urge number 1.

Soul urge number 2

Do sad movies make you cry? Do you often switch off the news? If you’ve done the calculations with your name and vowels, and ended up with a soul number 2, you are a sensitive and emotional soul.

Your greatest desire is to feel secure and comfortable. While you may sometimes despise your sensitivity, behind it hides a wonderful asset. Your powerful intuition. You need to learn to trust it, and stand up for what you believe is right because your judgments are often spot on!

Learn More about soul urge number 2.

Soul urge number 3

Are you drawn to art forms that involve words? Are you an actor, writer, singer or poet? Then your name and vowels within it probably spelled out soul number 3.

You’re a born entertainer and people love you for it.

But you need to learn to express your deeper thoughts and feelings. You can do so through art. Thanks to your talents and charisma, you have all the makings of a truly successful life. However, you need to anchor yourself with hard work and discipline if you want to succeed.

Learn more about soul urge number 3.

Soul urge number 4

Do you prefer order to chaos? Do you crave stability and dislike sudden change? Do you feel great satisfaction when working towards a goal? Then your name and the vowels within it produced a soul number 4.

You set a brilliant example of discipline and hard work for others. You approach any situation from a logical, measured and practical viewpoint. This makes you a rock for any enterprise. But be careful not to make your partner or children feel inhibited by your desire for structure.

Learn more about soul urge number 4.

Soul urge number 5

If you got soul number 5 after adding up each vowel, then your soul urge is to learn and explore as much as possible.

You have a charismatic personality, and your enthusiasm is infectious.

You might be interested in travelling and exploring new career paths.

The main challenge of soul urge 5 is to face your fears. Though you have many friends and admirers, you may be experiencing more fear in your life than they would.

Your need to explore can also manifest in negative ways, such as drugs, drink, shopping, and sex. Whether in relationships or work, routine and commitment tend to scare you. You have all the makings of success. But developing discipline is crucial to manifest your success.

Learn more about soul urge number 5.

Soul urge number 6

Soul number 6 encompasses harmony, balance, and diplomacy.

If you came up with soul urge 6 after adding up each vowel, then you likely have a close and loyal friend circle.

Caring for the wellbeing of your friends and family is a driving force for you.

When tempestuous feelings arise you prefer to hide them under a sweet smile.

You are very giving and generous towards your loved ones, and this gives you meaning. But sometimes you may lose sight of your own needs and wants to fulfil those of others.

You do have a need to be appreciated. You are full of good advice and may reach your full potential in healing professions or the arts.

Learn more about soul urge number 6.

Soul urge number 7

If you got soul number 7 after adding up each vowel, then you are most likely a very independent person.

You detest beliefs that are based on ‘thin air’. You need tangible evidence before you believe anything. Your analytical mind allows you to delve deeper into issues than other people might. You are on a constant path of self-development. You may even be looking to attain enlightenment.

You seek the truth, always. You ask deep, meaningful questions that may take a lifetime to answer. You may struggle to express your feelings (since these are not ‘tangible’). You need a partner who will give you space and independence you crave. Neediness does not go down well with you.

Learn more about soul urge number 7.

Soul urge number 8

Those with soul number 8 in their name place primary focus on material assets.

This can be anything from money to legal matters, to power and wealth. You may experience more hunger for attaining success than other people. Your soul urge is to gain mastery over the physical world.

However, in the pursuit of attaining material wealth, you may lose sight of the bigger picture.

Though your drive and ambition can help you succeed, it can also push you to take extreme action. Even though you are good at making money, you may also be prone to losing it just as quickly. You must find a balance between your ambition and the bigger picture to attain happiness.

Learn more about soul urge number 8.

Soul urge number 9

If the vowels in your name contain soul number 9, then you’re deeply concerned with global consciousness.

You might be driven by serving others to the detriment of your own needs. You have incredible mental clarity. This allows you to see things from a much broader perspective than others might.

The vibrational energy of number 9 is very strong. Sometimes, it may overpower your more selfish drives. As a result, you may be more idealistic, generous and unselfish than others.

Important aspects of your destiny are associated with going on an inner journey. This involves self-analysis and attaining important inner realisations. If you harness the full potential of your heart’s desire number, you will leave this world a better place.

Learn More about soul urge number 9.

Soul urge number 11

Soul number 11 is known as a master number.

If your heart’s desire number is 11 then you are on a unique spiritual journey in this lifetime. (More so than all the other soul urge numbers.)

You have a well-developed sense of morality. Your strong intuition helps you understand the fleeting nature of the physical world. You intuitively know that we are all part of a bigger picture.

11 is a number with incredible power and strength. But acquiring that strength and growing into it can be difficult. Most people with heart’s desire number 11 start off in difficult circumstances. Your childhood may not have been a happy one, but wrought with trials. Your journey may not have been an easy one. However, through your suffering you have become wiser.

Now that you’re an adult you can solve problems effectively. You make solid judgments because you’ve been through so much.

Learn more about soul urge number 11.

Soul urge number 22

If your soul urge number is 22 then your inner urge is to leave a mark on this world in some way. In which area, it is up to you.

It may be the financial world, it may spirituality, it may even be political.

Soul number 22 possesses the power and intuitive understanding of the heart’s desire number 11. But not only that. It also has the practical aptitude of number 4. Together, these qualities make a potent mix.

Anyone with 22 in their name is set for making a positive and remarkable impact on the planet. However, your path may not always be an easy one. With huge potential comes huge responsibility.

And people will hold you up to scrutiny, out of admiration and envy. But don’t let that hold you back. You know why you’re here, on this planet. Have the courage to follow what your heart’s desire number is telling you.

Learn more about soul urge number 22.

Soul Urge Number 33

The rarest of all master numbers, 33 is the ‘master teacher’.

The most spiritually evolved of all numbers, it exemplifies the nurturing and loving qualities of soul urge number 6.

If you have this number as your soul urge, then you’re very loyal and understanding. An attentive listener, you always try to see the best in people and forgive easily.

You tend to put everyone else’s needs above your own (sometimes to your detriment). You seek out beauty and harmony in all things. You are drawn to the arts, since artistic expression brings you immense satisfaction.

But, despite all the talents that you possess, the life path of soul urge 33 is not always easy. Your abilities may not fully manifest until you reach the age of 35. Life is calling you to step into a leadership position that will enable you to serve the world.

Learn more about soul urge number 33.

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