Life Path Number 8

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Based on your birth date, your life path number in your numerology chart is 8. The life path number gives you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses, life’s mission and some challenges to overcome along the way.

Your numerology chart and your life path number can influence the careers and relationships that might suit you.

Knowing your life path number can help you capitalize on your natural strengths and be mindful of your weaknesses. Discovering the other numbers in your numerology chart can also give you a well-rounded view of your personality and your life. Based on your date of birth, this might include master numbers that represent special your lessons and qualities. if you want to discover you’re full numerology profile, click here for a free numerology reading. It will explore the relationship between your core numbers (life path, soul urge and personality) so you can discover who you are and where you’re going. Or if you just want to learn about life path 8, read on for more.

So, what does it mean if you have an 8 life path?

In this article, you will find out:

  • What you’re like as a person and your positive and negative characteristics
  • What you’re like with relationships, career, travel and hobbies
  • The other life paths that you are most and least compatible with

Life Path Number 8 Personality Traits and Characteristics

People with an 8 life path are the boss. They’re powerful people, particularly in their careers, where they are true commanders. These leaders are excellent at making money, of course. But they are also gifted with the management skills to help them get ahead, such as conflict resolution and an emphasis on action.

They possess the drive as well as the leadership skills and wisdom to thrive in the business domain. As such, 8s can expect untamed success and an unparalleled potential to accrue wealth thanks to their numerology, as long as they put in the effort.

In numerology, the number 8s’ language is that of the material world, particularly in business and finance, and they know how to make these things work. In fact, 8s may have the acumen to pull off several successful businesses. However, the people around them don’t always share these abilities, so it’s 8’s job to inspire and direct them to the required action. 

Being successful at business doesn’t mean that things will always go to plan. If you have an 8 life path in numerology and you’ve experienced bankruptcy or had a start-up that failed, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you are blessed with the guts and aptitude to either turn a sinking ship into one that floats or makes your fortune from other sources. Resilience is a true strength of the number 8. In fact, they often have a strong physique to mirror their mental toughness, according to numerology.

But while control and domination might further careers, they might not be as successful in love and relationships. Ironically, in fact, 8s’ failed endeavours in marriage may be costly compared to other life paths.

Celebrities with an 8 life path in their numerology include Nelson Mandela, Jason Statham, Halle Berry, Anthony Hopkins, Matt Damon, 50 Cent and Whoopi Goldberg.

By looking to the rest of your numerology chart, you’ll get a better sense as to where your strengths and weaknesses will play out in your life. You also have a destiny number, soul urge number and expression number. And each number brings a different energy to your unique personality profile and soul blueprint. To discover the other numbers in your chart, click here for a free numerology reading. It’s personalised to your name and date of birth.

Positive Personality traits

People with a number 8 life path are:

·       Well-respected

·       Good at accumulating wealth

·      Able to resolve conflicts

·       Action-oriented

·       Resilient

Negative Personality traits

When out of alignment, number 8s can be:

·      Too proud to take advice

·      Controlling

·      Domineering

·      Unwilling to co-operate

Life Path Number 8 in Love, Romance & Relationships           

Business and love are very different machines, and 8s’ flair in the former may give them some difficulties in the latter. They know how to ‘play the game’ in climbing the ladder, but they might have to learn the rules when it comes to dating and relationships. 

People with an 8 life path in their numerology create financial security and experience the finer things in life. This would likely be attractive to potential partners. 

These authoritative types are actually happy creatures but aren’t flamboyant in their displays of love and affection. Their honesty and directness is a useful tool in business, but it may need to be toned down a little in the realm of relationships.

Number 8s should keep their honesty, but try to deliver their messages with sensitivity. Sometimes 8s may have to take a step back and remember they’re dealing with people, not tools that can be controlled.

Number 8s will almost certainly wear the trousers in the relationship! If their partner also wants to be in control, 8s will struggle with taking orders and letting other people take charge. They require a submissive character that respects your independence or at least one who is happy for you to take the wheel much of the time. That said, 8s could do with someone who isn’t afraid to speak up when they’re stepping out of line.

Sometimes, 8s might forget that they are ‘off duty’, as it were. Naturally competitive, they may need to learn that relationships are based on co-operation. Other people have aspirations and ideas too that are equally as valid. Being encouraging and supportive might feel alien to 8s, or even make them feel vulnerable.

Another area of conflict is the competing priorities. While 8s’ commitment to their goals in incredibly admirable, this can sometimes be at the expense of their relationship. They may not think twice about cancelling a date night or parents evening to work late and meet deadlines. 

If 8s apply their natural problem-solving skills to fix this, they can make a relationship work.

You might also find that other numbers in your numerology chart bring balance to a goal achieving 8. You soul urge and destiny numbers may soften your energy and bring harmony to your relationships. To discover your full numerology chart, click here to get a free numerology reading. It’s based on your name and date of birth and it will uncover the most important numbers in your chart.

Life Path Number 8 Relationship Compatibility

Number 8s will need to have some level of control in a relationship, and numerology can help. By teaming up with a complimentary life path numbers, 8s may get to experience the same success in relationships as they do in their careers.

Number 8s are most compatible with:

Life path 2

Teaming 2 and 8 could be one of the most compatible numbers in numerology. The cooperative and diplomatic 2 will likely be willing to be guided and even controlled by 8. 

Life path 4

The 4 life path could be the best choice of partner for the 8. They are both logical and grounded, which puts them on the same page, while 8 sees the big picture and the 4 compliments by honing in on the finer details. This could work as a business partnership as well as in love.

Life path 6

The loving and sacrificing 6 is a harmonious match for the authoritative 8, and this match could be a long-term one. These numbers are both reliable, and as long as they can focus on the same things or at least make compromises, these life paths will get along nicely.

Life path 8

Like with the 4, the 8 x 8 combination of numbers is solid ground for an enduring relationship because they understand each other. As long as they can both focus on love as well as work, this could be a prosperous partnership.

Number 8s are less compatible with:

Life path 1

This is for sure a power couple. This dynamic duo may experience an instant attraction but may butt heads over the mutual need to control and domineer.  But with a sprinkling of compromise, 1s and 8s could just pull it off.

Life path 3

The playful and disorganised 3 is at the opposite end of the spectrum to the responsible 8. While opposites attract, it might take some effort with these numbers.

Life path 5

Number 8s are goal orientated, while the freedom-loving 5 is prone to restlessness and change. While 5s can make loyal companions, they’re unlikely to attract to 8’s predictability.

Life path 7

On the surface, the spiritually-inclined 7 should be at odds with by 8s materialism. But they are actually quite complementary, as long as both these numbers can open up emotionally.

Life path 9 

Number 9s have ambition and determination in common with the 8. But the 9 is driven by social-consciousness, while the 8 is focused on materialism which puts them at odds.

Remember, which compatibility you also want to compare your other core numerology numbers in each of your charts. You might find resonance and harmony at a soul expression level. To discover your numerology chart, click here for a free personalised numerology reading.

Life Path Number 8 Careers

Career is where 8s take centre stage. Number 8s have a right to be ambitious, according to numerology.

Number 8s can achieve any level of success that they set their mind to in their career. They attract to (and are prosperous in) careers where they can exert their natural leadership and influence. This includes business, politics, finance and law. The powerful effects and material wealth that comes with many of these vocations will give 8s great satisfaction. 

Their influence can also be used in social and community settings, such as teaching and social work.

With 8s’ natural leadership, they’d equally flourish as an entrepreneur. With their difficulty with authority figures, they might prefer this environment anyway. With their ability to create several sources of income, they might experience success with a number of their own businesses.

In their early career, 8s might start at the bottom of the ladder, but they won’t be hanging around there long. This path is unlikely to shy about their successes and abilities, and nor should they be.

To discover more about the types of careers you will be best suited for, you will need to consult the other numbers in your chart. Click here for a free personalised numerology reading that will reveal the numbers that carry your potential.

Life Path Number 8 & Friends and Family

While work will be central in many 8s’ lives, they may often like large families. They are cheerful folk and make good parents.

However, they can be impatient and overbearing, according to numerology. Number 8s may have learned these maladaptive coping mechanisms from early childhood. Their family may have had an oppressive element, such as a fundamental religious ideology or domineering parent.

As we already discussed, being too narrow-minded in business is not a la mode these days, but it’s 8’s personal relationships that will suffer the most. By becoming too self-centred and self-righteous, they will create conflict and even end up alone. This is not what 8s really want.

Some of 8s’ behaviour may also be misinterpreted. They may put their career first to prioritise the financial security of their family. This needs communicating, and there will have to be compromises if 8s want to have success in both realms. 

Life Path Number 8 & Travel and Hobbies

Number 8s may enjoy the finer things in life, according to their numerology. They enjoy money and they enjoy spending it. With their great capacity to generate wealth, they will most likely get to experience these things, too. 

They’ll be jet-setting on luxurious holidays, enjoying five-star comfort. Number 8s should be careful not to let their hunger for status and money encourage them to live beyond their means.

Life Path Number 8 Lessons and Challenges

The life journey for the 8 number is to balance their power with freedom, and taking with giving. 

Being blessed with power and influence in the material realm can be positive or negative for 8s depending on how they use it. While power can create success, change and material wealth for others, it can also tread a fine line with corruption and arrogance. Number 8s’ success may lead them to greed and living beyond their means. Ultimately, life isn’t all about money.

Running a business with a domineering and stubborn leadership style is becoming out-dated. This may create success in the short-term, but without vulnerability and openness as a leader, it might not be sustainable. The idea that power belongs to only a few is also being deconstructed.

Pursuing purpose-driven interests could help to balance this life path. Number 8s’ power can help create power for others. Ultimately, 8s need to detach themselves from money on their path and learn to share their wealth. Money is neither good nor evil; it is an energy. According to spiritual principles, the more money they share, the more money they’ll make.

All they need to do is apply their natural abilities to set goals, make long-term plans and take action to worthwhile projects. 

Finally, there’s more to numerology than personality profiles. You can also use it to forecast the energies in the weeks, months and years ahead. By working out your personal year number, you can also gain insight it what your future may hold. Click here for a free numerology future forecast, customised to your name and date of birth.

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