Attitude Number 3

You see numbers all around you. But what you might not realise is that these numbers can be used to decode and make sense of your life.

Numerology is the study of how the meanings of numbers represent your relationships, your success and the outcome of most of your decisions. Some of these numbers can even tell about your natural behaviour and the kind of impression you leave on others.

Those numbers are attitude numbers.

Attitude is the way you approach life.

Traits of those with attitude number 3 include:

  • Cheerful.
  • Versatile.
  • Energetic.
  • Expressive.
  • Playful.
  • Creative.
  • Influential.

In this article, you’ll discover the broad meaning of attitude 3. But for a more nuanced understanding as to what it could mean for you, compare it to the other numbers in your numerology chart. You also have a life path, soul urge and destiny number to discover. Each number brings a different energy and combined they make up your personality blueprint. If you haven’t seen your numerology chart yet then click here for a free numerology reading and discover your core numerology profile.

What Does Attitude Number 3 Mean?

Cheerful, versatile, energetic, expressive, playful, creative, influential…

If your attitude number is 3, then you come across as a fun-loving person. You like to express yourself freely, and you carry uplifting energy with you wherever you go. You’re creative and playful most of the time. Your uplifting energy flows and inspires whoever gets in the way.

Some people say that you have a childlike nature because you seem to take less tension in life. Perhaps you suffer from Peter Pan syndrome and don’t ever want to grow up. Your sense of humor is quite distinctive, and you take pride in putting a smile on every face.

However, your mood has a significant effect on the people around you. When you’re in a good mood, you make the environment the happiest place on earth. But your bad mood can take all the light away from this scene.

No wonder your energy radiates like stars. But you don’t seem to have the control to focus it in one place. Your energy is scattered and impetuous, and this is the reason why people with attitude number 3 are said to be undisciplined and irresponsible.

Your family and friends find it difficult to deal with your restless behavior. You’re like a free bird, and the one thing that you can never do is stay in the same place doing the same thing.

You don’t like routine because you get bored very quickly. You feel like the entire world is made beautiful for a reason. And that reason is to taste its beauty in every way possible.

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Social Butterfly

As I said, you’re a jolly person who has loads of energy to make people happy. Cracking jokes is one of your habits. People admire you for this behavior, plus you’re smart, witty and magnetic. And this is the reason for your popularity among friends, family and colleagues.

Your self-expressive nature makes your growing popularity easier for you. And your good sense of humor acts like a charm. You love making friends with your excellent conversation skills, and you can easily uplift those that surround you. 


Usually, people with attitude number 3 are said to have a great sense of self and high self-esteem. You don’t take orders from people. You’re like a free spirit who would do whatever they like. You never seek help from others and take pride in being an independent soul.

Your independent nature and excellent communication skills prove helpful in your career. As being with attitude number 3, you will achieve great posts, and you’ll make many friends in your workplace. You also have teaching skills, and you’re a great advisor.

Your friends feel secure when they’re around you. And there hardly comes a time when you fail in your love life and relationships.


Your carefree nature sometimes costs you the discipline that you try to achieve in life. Your loved ones expect a little more responsibility from your side. You need to learn to slow down sometimes and focus your energy on one thing.

One of the main reasons you can’t reach your goals is that you get bored quickly, or you’re afraid of criticism. Persistence is hard for you. But you can get there if you want to. Just a little hard work, starting from doing a little every day, may prove helpful.

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Other Attitude Numbers