Attitude Number 2

In Numerology, if your attitude number is 2 it means your attitude toward others and life circumstances is kind, intuitive, diplomatic and collaborative. People sense you have kind sensitivity where you care about their thoughts and feelings. Others see you as someone they can come to when facing difficulties for some empathetic advice. You are the shoulder other people come to cry on. People sense you are a natural people person that they can open up to without fear of judgement.

In this article, I’ll expand on the traits of attitude number 2 and explain how you come across to others. If you want to go deeper and discover your full numerology chart then I recommend this free numerology reading. It’s customised to your name and date of birth and it will give you a brilliant explanation of the core numbers in your numerology profile helping you decode your personality.

What Does Attitude Number 2 Mean?

Kind, intuitive, diplomatic, collaborative, observer…

If your attitude number is 2, then you’re an easy-going person. You’re kind to other people, and your intuitions play a vital role in knowing when to act. You’re also attached to spirituality. You’re also an excellent observer, especially when it comes to the people around you.

It’s like you can read their minds. And it makes people wonder if you have a natural gift because you can sense what’s going on with them.

Numerology says that people with attitude number 2 can be diplomatic at times. The primary reason for your diplomacy is to save others from a direct (and at times, painful) answer. 

So you choose diplomatic answers when in the middle of a situation. You also like to listen to others, and never get bored of it. This is another reason why people admire you. You’re a good listener.

However, whilst you may come across as easy going, under the surface there maybe more going on. You also have a life path, destiny and soul urge number to take into consideration. And it’s only by balancing the energy of each can you come to an accurate understanding of your life according to numerology. To dive deeper, click here for a free numerology reading. It will bring new insight into who you are, and what your divine mission on earth is.


As I said earlier, people recognize you for your kind behaviour. Being helpful and compassionate gives you inner peace. And you can say that it’s also one of the biggest reasons for your happiness and internal satisfaction.

If anything happens (either good or bad), you observe the details of the situation. These details make you feel closer to the people they’re related to, and you feel even more attached to the people belonging to the case.

Because you’re so concerned with keeping everyone happy, you can sometimes display anxiety as you try to manage other people’s emotions. Love and relationships are very important to you, and you always put loved ones first. Just try not to take everything personally, and realize that sometimes, people need their own space.


You’re quite sensitive and intuitive. Sometimes you have dreams about what’s going to happen, and it comes true. Most people experience déjà vu now and again, and being with attitude number 2, you’re one of them.

Twos are often drawn to the spiritual realm. This allows you to see people and experiences from a different dimension and be more in touch with other’s emotions. You may even feel you have mystical or psychic talents.

You do have a habit that you want to control the emotions of people you care about. You feel like you know how they’re feeling. And the words powerful enough to change your emotions can work for them too.

This is because of your compassion. But you should know that you can’t control others, not always. Knowing this will save you from the sense of failure that might endure.

Because it’s also true that you can take things too personally.

Finally, your sensitivity will help you in certain aspects of your life depending on the other numbers in your numerology chart. To discover your other numbers, click here for a free numerology reading.


Your kindness and compassion for other people is the reason why you have great relationships. People often admire you because they feel like you know them. And I can say that it happens because of your strong observing power.

Unlike others, you really listen. Because you like connecting with people and the world. It makes you feel like you’re fulfilling the reason for your existence. And you might not know, but it secretly helps you nurture your relationships with people.

You’re a believer in empathy. You reckon sympathy is something everyone can show to others. Still, understanding the insight shows people that not only do you care for them, but you respect them too.

And this is the reason you look for commonalities with other people.

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