Energy Transmutation Ritual

Energy Transmutation

A cosmic cleaning process that will take your negativity energy, transmute it into positive energy and release it back to the universe. 

In this guided ritual, you will use mindfulness, visualisation and imagination to align with cosmic energy so you can perform transmutation which will bring your energy back into harmony

Transmutation is a process which transforms one type of energy into another. You take negative, low and dense energy and using conscious will and active imagination to align with cosmic vibes, you transform it into positive energy and release it back to the universe.

 It’s super simple to do once you know how and during this ritual I’ll guide you through the process.

Everything begins on an energetic level before it is made manifest in physical reality.

So if you want to avoid manifesting negative outcomes, it’s key to rid yourself of negative energy. 

Specifically, this is a ritual designed to touch all those areas of your existence that have caused you pain, angst, anger and worry.

You’ll learn how to gather them up in a loving embrace as you use the alchemy of transmutation to move and shift your negativity into peace and positivity before gently allowing it to return back to the universe.

After using this ritual expect to feel revitalised, uplifted and rejuvenated as you realise that you can drop your baggage any time you feel like it. 

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After purchasing, you’ll receive a 12 minute 30 second mp3 where I guided you through the visualisation. You’ll also receive a short pdf containing some additional tips, tricks and thoughts.

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