Cacao Bliss Review: Can Chocolate ever be guilt-free?

You may be well on your way towards achieving a great body by following a balanced diet. You may even be following a specific diet (such as Keto or paleo). But there may be one stumbling block. Like most of us, you may be struggling to get your chocolate cravings under control.

If only there was a way to satisfy them without piling on the calories and keeping your blood sugar low. Well, now there is. (At least that’s what it claims on the packaging). It’s called Cacao Bliss. In this review, I’m going to deep dive into the ingredients to see whether it will satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst delivering a nutritional powerhouse.

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What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is a Superfood Supplement that uses the same plant we use to make chocolate. It contains pure organic raw cacao powder, which is chocolate before it’s been processed. And you can use it to make all sorts of drinks, smoothies and foods (even chocolate cake!) to help you get your chocolate fix.

The beans for the powder have been harvested in the Peruvian forest, following ancient techniques. But not only that. It also contains other superfoods.

Cacao Bliss contains; turmeric, collagen, cinnamon, MCT Powder and black pepper. And to make it a guilt-free treat, Cacao Bliss contains healthy, natural sweeteners. These include Monk Fruit and Coconut Nectar.

But how do these superfoods work? What effect can they have on your body? And is it worth splashing out every month for these benefits? For that amount of money, you need to be sure you’re buying quality. To help you, I’ve looked at dozens of customer reviews. And I’ve summarised our extensive research in this ultimate Cacao Bliss review. I’m here to tell it all – the good, the fab and the ugly. By the time you finish reading this Cacao Bliss review, you’ll know if Cacao Bliss is a suitable chocolate substitute for you. If you think its a good fit for you, then click here to see pricing and direct shipping options at the offical website.

5 myths and truths you should know about Cacao Bliss

1) Is Cacao Bliss healthy?

Apart from cacao, the powder contains many other superfoods. Each has particular health benefits.

Certified Organic cacao powder

Cacao is rich in flavanols. These have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. It also slows down the rate at which anandamide (the body’s own ‘joy molecule’) is broken down. This makes anandamide’s effects linger for longer. Anandamide can help to gain mental clarity, reduce anxiety, depression and boost the body’s immune system. Cacao is also rich in magnesium, a mineral that helps to combat blood sugar levels.


This ‘spice of life’ is a strong antioxidant which also helps to reduce inflammation. What’s more, it may help prevent ageing and many diseases by reducing oxidative damage.

Black pepper

Black pepper contains a substance called ‘piperine’ that can boost anandamide levels. It works in combination with turmeric. One of turmeric’s active ingredients is curcumin. Binding it with ‘piperine’ boosts its effects on the body.

Ceylon cinnamon (known as ‘the true cinnamon’)

As well as adding a delicious flavour to the mix, Ceylon Cinnamon helps to combat free radicals. (These can contribute to many diseases and ageing.) Some studies suggest that cinnamon can even reduce the risk of heart disease. It also significantly lowers the blood sugar level.

Himalayan Salt

This particular type of salt has been used to enhance the chocolate flavour in the powder. However, it just so happens to contain over 84 minerals and trace elements. It’s also great for balancing the body’s pH levels.

Monk Fruit and Coconut Nectar

These two substances act as natural sweeteners. This is what gives Cacao Bliss its particular flavour. These natural sweeteners help to satisfy sugar cravings. Coconut nectar is sometimes referred to as ‘coconut sugar’ for its sweetening qualities. Monk Fruit looks like a tiny watermelon. This zero calorie natural sweetener can meet your sugar cravings without increasing your body’s sugar levels.

The product also contains organic Medium Chain Triglyceride MTC Oil Powder.

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2) Does cacao bliss contain caffeine?

Yes, although the quantities are very small. The container has less than 1% caffeine. That equals to 7mg of caffeine per serving. Such a small amount of caffeine should have no effect on your sleep.

3) Is cacao bad for your liver?

There has been some controversy around this question. The answer we’ve found is no. In fact, it’s the opposite. Cacao is good for your liver. Some researchers even say that doctors should prescribe dark chocolate to patients suffering from cirrhosis (a serious liver condition).

4) Are all the ingredients in Cacao Bliss vegan?

Yes. Although there is a variation in the type of collagen that is used. Collagen is an important part of the skin. This substance can help keep the skin taut and wrinkle-free. The collagen for the vegan version is sourced from the Horsetail plant. This plant has been used for centuries to treat kidney and bladder stones, UTIs, incontinence. It acts by preventing ‘fluid retention’ in the body. The non-vegan formula of the product contains collagen made from beef stock.

5) Does it taste like chocolate?

The official line of the manufacturer is that Cacao Bliss tastes ‘neither like dark nor milk chocolate’.

It is described as not very sweet, with an earthy flavour. It does not strictly have a chocolate flavour.

Some people have complained that the powder is very gritty, and difficult to mix with tea or coffee. A simple solution for this is taking a scoop of the powder, 1/2 a banana, 5 or 6 ice cubes and either milk or almond milk. Blitz it all together for a refreshing and smooth, nutritious drink.

It can also be stirred into hot milk to make a healthy hot chocolate alternative. There’s lots of recipes online and people have mixed it with things like peanut butter, coconut oil even goji berries to make the perfect drink.

What do customer cacao bliss reviews say?

What does it taste like?

While not to everyone’s taste, most people found that the powder has a thick, smooth, earthy flavour instead of typical chocolate flavor. The advertisers would love you to believe that this is the best alternative to chocolate products. But some people just can’t get used to the taste. They say it’s too bitter or has an odd aftertaste from the Monk Fruit.

And yet, most reviews agree that it makes a great chocolate treat. Some have even started to replace the sweetener in their morning coffee with Cacao Bliss. So whilst it may take some getting used to, it’s not going to spike your blood sugar like a standard hot chocolate.

Does it satisfy chocolate cravings?

Most agree that Cacao Bliss has significantly reduced their chocolate and sugar cravings. This makes it a healthy alternative to other chocolate and hot chocolate drinks.

How is the cacao powder harvested?

Cacao Bliss is advertised as containing Ceremonial cacao. It’s a little vague and no one knows for sure what this means. One thing is clear though. The ingredients of the cacao bliss powder are harvested from certified cacao producers. These certified harvesters follow strict guidelines and policies. These guidelines support organic cultivation and gentle harvesting practices. The plant cultivation, harvest, and processes are respected to support ceremonial Cacao values. Cacao Bliss manufacturers also follow FDA regulations.

Can you make hot chocolate drink from the powder?

Yes. A favourite review recipe is mixing Cacao Bliss with warm unsweetened vanilla almond milk. This makes for a delicious and nutritious hot chocolate drink.

What diets can the powder be applied to?

Cacao Bliss works with most diets. These include Keto, Paleo, Trim Healthy Mama Diet, Dairy-free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

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What do you get when you order?

The photo on the product page is somewhat misleading. It can make you think that you’ll receive two cans of Cacao Bliss. The photo, according to the manufacturer, is to demonstrate the front and the back of the can. It actually comes in a single can with a net weight of 8.34oz (236.4g).

The recommended daily serving is 1 scoop which equals roughly 7.88g. This means that, on average, there should be 30 servings in each jar. (That’s two teaspoons per serving.)

One serving contains:

  • 35 calories,
  • 1.5g of fat,
  • 1.5g of Saturated Fat,
  • 3g of carbohydrates,
  • 2g of dietary fiber,
  • 1g of protein.

There is less than 1g of total sugars per serving.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, Cacao Bliss contains:

  • 15mg of Calcium,
  • 0.8g of Iron,
  • 95mg of Sodium
  • 85mg of Potassium.

The product contains quality ingredients. It is fully certified USDA organic. This certificate requires passing strict testing for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, phthalates, plastics and other chemicals. So you can be sure your product contains none of those.

To add to its many health benefits, Cacao Bliss is non-alkalized cocoa powder. Most of the fat is removed during processing. It is harvested from cacao beans that come from a small group of Peruvian farmers. They use a rare “kissed by the sun” form of production. The beans are processed in a facility devoted to Organic Raw Cacao production, following strict standards that ensure purity and quality. As well as being USDA-organic, this powder is Dairy-free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy Free and Gluten-free.

How do you use it?

The product can be enjoyed on its own as a powder, or stirred into tea or coffee. However, a number of simple low-calorie recipes can enhance its flavour and make it much more enjoyable to consume every day. Here are some sample recipes from other people to give you an idea:

  • Using a blender, blitz a scoop of the powder with a glass of almond milk, 1/2 banana and ice cubes.
  • Blend a banana, some raw oats, raw spinach, 1 table-spoon of Cacao Bliss and a handful of ice.
  • Mix 1 scoop with heated almond, oat or normal milk for a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Do you need to buy anything else?

No. It comes with a free digital cookbook that contains a great selection of healthy recipes. These include snack bars with a chocolate taste and brownies among many other food items. Danette May, the celebrity lifestyle coach, also posts recipes on her Facebook page.

An important thing to note though when it comes to cooking. Cacao is most beneficial and nutritious when it is consumed in its raw form. When trying out the recipes, be careful not to overheat the powder.

How do you store Cacao Bliss?

If you haven’t opened the container, it’s good to last anywhere from 18 to 24 months. If you have opened it, then it’s recommended that you consume it within 90 days. In can be stored in a cupboard, but it is always best to refrigerate once opened to lock in all the nutrients.

Will Cacao Bliss satisfy your cravings?

Cacao Bliss does come with some incredible health benefits. Its earthy taste may not be to everyone’s liking. But there are so many ways the powder can be used that you’re likely to find a recipe which will make the taste work for you so you can indulge in chocolate. For example, the powder can be used to make a hot drink; mixed in with tea, coffee; blitzed into a smoothie; added to homemade healthy brownies and nut bars. Weighing up the pros and cons of our review, the verdict is this. Yes, it’s pricey. But it may be a price worth paying to satisfy those sweet cravings forever, without breaking your diet whilst gaining lots of additional health benefits.

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