Astral Projection Workshop

Learn how to astral project and have an out of body experience.

Astral projection is a skill that will allow you to send your consciousness into the astral realm and visit anywhere in the universe. You can visit the Pyramids of Giza and Temples of Alexandra, the Vatican, the Aztec ruins or go higher and visit the celestial and spiritual realms.

Astral travel is a process of completely relaxing your body and mind, then separating your consciousness from the physical world. When in the astral state you are no longer bound by time and space.

Traditions and cultures throughout all of history have believed in and benefited from astral projection. The priests of Ancient Egypt would travel to the astral world to discover what awaited us in the afterlife. Shamans used astral travel to find out how to heal the sick members of their tribe. And there’s even been reports of governments using skilled travellers for one reason or another.

In this workshop, Matt Beech will teach you easy techniques that will help you connect with your astral body so you can have your own astral adventures. You’ll get plenty of techniques to practice and at the end of the workshop, Matt will guide you on your first Astral Journey.

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